Lord of the Flies Chapters 8

Why does Simon suggest they go back to the mountain? When asked why he says, “What else is there to do?”
How does Jack respond when Ralph calls his hunters “boys armed with sticks”? Jack got to his feet. His face was red as he marched away.
What does Jack do when the boys don’t respond to his demand to be chief? Slowly the red drained from Jack’s cheeks, then came back with a painful rush. He licked his lips and turned his head at an angle, so that his gaze avoided the embarrassment of linking with another’s eye. The humiliating tears were running from the corner of each eye. Then he said, “I’m not playing anymore. Not with you.”
What does Piggy suggest they do, since they can’t return to the mountain to build a fire? He suggests that they build a fire on the beach by the bathing pool.
What happens to most of the biguns while Ralph and Piggy are busy? They left to join Jack’s group while Ralph’s group is busy building the fire.
What gift does Jack offer to help pacify the beast? He offers the Beast the sow’s head on a stake.
What does Jack ask Roger to do to a stick? Jack asks Roger to sharpen both ends.
Jack says, “I’m not going to play anymore.” Are the boys playing? What is the difference between playing and reality for these boys? No the boys are having a meeting and Jack is saying that he doesn’t want to interact with Ralph anymore. Playing has now become a survival game and a game to hunt down the beast.
How does Jack use the idea of the Beast to control and direct the boys in his tribe? At the meeting that Jack calls, he tells the boys that Ralph is a coward and the only way that they’ll be safe is with him because they are hunters. It gave Jack the chance to have power over the Ralph and give him control.
Why does Golding have Simon “communicate” with the Lord of the Flies? Simon is a neutral character in Lord of the Flies and is naturally good as a person. Simon “communicated” to the Lord of the Flies to show that The Devil (Satan) and Sin were luring the boys to be savages.
What might Simon’s character represent in this novel? Simon is a Christ-like Figure in this novel.
Explain the exchange of power at the beginning of chapter 8. Jack and Ralph fought and Jack and Jack left the group and now the boys will choose who to follow
What does Simon suggest? That Ralph’s group deal with the beastie
How does Piggy change? More confident and excited
Why do the boys plan on raiding Ralph’s camp? Because they need fire, they want to get more people to join Jack’s side, and they want the conch
What happens when Simon goes back into the woods? He sees Jacks group kill/behead a pig to give to the beastHallucinates that the head is mocking him
What do you think he actually sees and talks to? No one, he is just hallucinating because of the madness of being on the island
What is “The Lord of the Flies?” (I am not asking you about the title of the book). Pigs Head
What biblical figure can Simon be compared to? Jesus
What symbolizes decay, destruction, demoralization, panic? The Devil (Satan)

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