lord of the flies chapters 1-8

Who are the first two characters to appear? Ralph and Piggy
What do the boys indicate is happening in the rest of the world? Atomic war
What is the boys’ home country? England
What do they use the conch for? As law and order/ a trumpet/ the right to speak.
Who is elected leader? Why? Ralph because he is smart, attractive, and strong.
What are the first rules made in the group regarding the conch? Only person with conch can speak, & if rule is broken they will be punished.
Why didn’t the fire work the first time? They made it huge and it burned out.
Who had the responsibility to tend the fire? The hunters
Why is Ralph concerned for the little ones? They are having nightmare/they are fearful
What are the littleuns fearful of? A snake-like beastie
Where do they think the beastie comes from? The sea
What is Simon’s theory about the beast? He thinks it’s the bad within the group.
What do the littleuns do all day? At night? Play in the sand. Whimper and cry.
Who knocks over the sandcastles? Roger and Maurice.
Why does Roger stop throwing stones at Henry? He still has some civilization left in him.
How do hunters prepare for the hunt? They wear camouflage by painting their faces.
Why didn’t the passing ship see the fire? Because the hunters and Jack let the fire go out while they were hunting.
How do the hunters react to Ralph’s tongue lashing? Jack breaks Piggy’s glasses and doesn’t give him food.
Why does Ralph have a meeting? Because people aren’t following rules.
What opens Ralph’s eyes about Piggy in Chapters 5-6? He sees the intelligence in Piggy.
Who convinces Ralph not to give up his role as leader? Simon and Piggy
What sign comes down from the grown up world? A parachuter is on the island. He may be dead.
Why does Ralph search the island for the beast? To prove that it isn’t real.
What are they seeing when they think they see the beast? The injured/dead parachuter.
What happens during the later hunt with Ralph and the boar? They see a boar, and Ralph hits it with a spear, but misses and it runs off.
What game do they play after the hunt? How does it make Ralph feel? They reenact the hunt and have Robert pretend to be the boar, which actually hurts him and brings out violent feelings in Ralph.
What does Ralph ask Jack about himself and how does Jack reply? Ralph asks Jack why he hates him, and Jack just ignores it.
How does Jack, Roger and Ralph react to the beast? They are terrified and they run away.
What is the confrontation between Ralph and Jack? Ralph and Jack fight for the spot to be leader.
What happens after Jack runs away? The choir boys join him.
What do they offer to the beast after killing the sow? It’s head on a stick
Who witnesses the killing of the sow besides the hunters? Simon
Why does Simon call the head “The Lord of the Flies”? Because it is “talking to him” and is covered in flies.
Which character is the 12 year old leader? Ralph
Which character is the hunter? Jack
Which character is smart, has glasses, overweight, comes up with a sundial, and is annoying? Piggy
Which character is evil, but still civilized? Roger
Which two characters are twins that tend to fire? Sam and Eric.
Which character is the christ like figure? Simon
Which symbol is where the plan crashed and destroyed land? scar
Which symbol is the fire starter? glasses
Which symbol is rescue and safety? fire
What is one of the book’s themes? Evil lives in the hearts of all men.
impossible to understand; mystifying inscrutable
A sudden brief raid incursion
remorse or sorrow for having done wrong contrite
loud and confused; noisy clamorously
Active hostility or hatred antagonism
that cannot be felt by physically touching impalpable
part of a stem from which leaves grow; bump or lump node
acting sneaky; acting like you want to be hidden from sight furtive
bright and showy but lacking in good taste gaudy
the protective leaf-like parts of a flower, usually green sepals

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