Lord of the Flies Chapter Review

Chapter 1 Chapter 1
How did the boys arrive on the island? Plane crash- attacked and shot down.
How did Ralph call the first meeting? A conch shell; blew in and kids came.It was Piggy’s idea.
What are the names of the twins? Sam and Eric – SamNEric.
What does Ralph’s dad do? A commander in the Navy.
What nationality are the boys? British (they speak of pounds).
The island was roughly what shape? Boat shaped.
What is the “scar?” The gash in the jungle from where the plane crashed.
For whom did Piggy vote chief? Hesitantly for Ralph. He was hoping for himself.
Who went to make sure the island was really an island? Ralph, Jack, Simon. (leaders)
Who is your favorite character so far?
Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Who is the only one who may interrupt the speaker holding the conch? Ralph, the leader.He is setting rules because he is feeling the need for order.
Who saw the beast/beastie/snake-like thing? A littlun. (six year old with a birth mark)
Who says again and again the there isn’t a beast? Ralph, he feels the fear of the others and is trying to fight it.
Ralph holds a two-fold mission statement. What are the two parts of the statement? 1. Boy=Have fun (“it’s a good island”)2. Growing up= Get rescued (signal fire)
Why do the need a fire? Rescue, passing ships or planes.
What did the boys use to start the fire? Piggy’s glasses- grabbed them.
Who is the first boy to die? Boy with the birthmark (maybe other). Boys feel shame with the realization.
Who said, “How do you expect to be rescued if you don’t put first things first and act proper?” Piggy- scolding boys about their irresponsible behavior.
Who said, “I told you to. I told you to get a list of names!” Ralph to Piggy, panicking about the first disaster.
Who said, “We’ll have rules! Lots of rules! Then when anyone breaks ’em–“ Jack, excited for power.
Chapter 3 Chapter 3
What is Jack doing as the chapter opens? (be specific) Crouching, hunting, smelling the air- very animal-like on all 4’s. His eyes are nearly mad.
Which boys are building huts? What does this say about their characters? Ralph and Simon.These boys follow through and are committed to group welfare.They understand that talk must be followed by action.
Where have all the hunters, but Jack, gone? Swimming, Jack compelled to go on, compelled to kill.
Who helps the littluns get fruit? Simon- Christ figure
At the end of the chapter, where does Simon go? How does this relate to what he symbolizes? Forest (cathedral, a church), sunlight streaming, solitude, thinking. Has a purpose to face the fear.
Who said, “We want meat!” How does this enforce what he symbolizes? Jack- death, destruction, savage, decay. (society breaking down, living for a thrill)
Who said, “I was talking about smoke! Don’t you want to be rescued? All you talk about is pig, pig, pig!” What does this show about the growth of this character? RalphBecoming increasingly serious, mature, comprehending their situation
Chapter 4 Chapter 4
Who “still felt the unease of wrongdoing?” Maurice-after kicking sand in the little boy’s eye; moving into excessive meanness.
Who was affected by the “taboo of the old life”? Roger= evil/sadist (feeds of the pain of others)- throwing rocks “around” Henry, but wants to throw “at” him; feels the rush of it–“breathing quickly” “eyes fluttering”
How was Jack “liberated from the shame of self-consciousness?” Face paint=mask. (charcoal and clay)Released from accountability and actions. (hidden)Freaking out even the hunters.
Why did the “littluns” always obey the summons of the conch? Ralph- link to orderly and adult world.Meetings- a change in the routine and entertainment.
Why did Jack want Samneric to get him a coconut? A mirror- fill it with water to see his “mask”. Excited with new freedom.
Why weren’t the boys rescued? The fire was out, ship passed. Hunters neglected it on a first kill. (anarchy winning) Ralph rushes (desperate, bleeding)
Why were the littluns used to “Stomach aches and a sort of chronic diarrhea?” Fruit the was unripe or rotting. (Could not reach the good stuff- ate what was low or on the ground.)
Who said, “You don’t half look a mess?” To whom is it said? Why? Roger to Jack, camouflaging their faces and bodies for the hunt. Tuning into an emotional and mental mess.
“They don’t smell me. They see me, I think. Something pink, under the trees.” Who said it? Jack- speaking of the hunted pigs, becoming primitive and animalistic.Painting face=blotting away his conscience
Chapter 5 Chapter 5
What is “taken short?” Diarrhea- littluns sick and pooping everywhere, contaminating water and food.
What does Ralph think they ought to do before they let the fire go out? Die! “Don’t you understand?… We ought to die before we let the fire out!”If fire goes out, they will die.
Who are the two littluns who hold the conch and speak about the beast at the assembly? Phil- saw something in the forest. (simon going to the “cathedral”)Percival- sets off all the littluns in tears and sorrow.
Who said it and why? “The thing is, we need and assembly.” Ralph- getting people to listen; state the clear, simple facts- trying to make all understand.
Who said it and why? “Serves you right if something did get you, you useless lot of cry-babies!” Jack= bully- Bawling out the littluns for being afraid, blaming them for things falling apart.IRONIC- Jack is source of chaos.
Who said it and why? “Life… scientific, that’s what it is.” Piggy= reason- there is source for everything! Identifies the source of fear as fear of people (Jack)
Who said it and why? “What I mean is… maybe it’s only us.” Simon= enlightened Christ figure- “Maybe the beast is only us.” Teaching others to look at self- Ralph, Piggy, Simon see the root of chaos is… “us”
Who said it and why? “What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?” Piggy- the assembly is breaking down, no one is following the rules, Jack is a negative catalyst.
How did Piggy’s specs get broken? Jack hit Piggy and the specs fell and broke.
Chapters 6 Chapters 6
What was the “sign that came down from the world of the grown-ups?” Parachuter- battle from above. (aggression, evil)Beast= bowing movement + fear gives it life.
Who saw the “beast” on top of the mountain? Sam and Eric- heard and saw movement in the dark.
What did the boys want to do instead of going to the other side of the island to check on the fire? Hunt the beast now! )aggression, peacocking)
Who said it and why? “I don’t believe in the beast.” Simon= as “inward sight” (pg. 103)While they are searching at castle rock- knows that it is man; it us us.
Who said it and why? “We want smoke. And you go wasting your time. You roll rocks.” RalphAs the boys play and roll rocks- they don’t get it or care about fire, rescue, responsibility. “We’ve got plenty of time” don’t understand opportunity or responsibility.
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Who hit the boar with his spear? Ralph- feels the thrill, fright, pride, the surge of a hunter.
Who got hurt playing the role of the pig? Explain. Robert- chanting, jabbing, dancing- caught up in the thrill (even Ralph), teasing- “Use a littlun” scarry
Who went through the forest alone to tell Piggy that the group hunting the beast wouldn’t be back until after dark? Simon- not afraid, doesn’t believe in the beast.
Who climbed the mountain to look for the beast? Ralph, Jack, Roger- Ralph wanted to go back (no good in the dark), Jack bullies “coward.”Jack ended up going the last distance.
Chapter 8 Chapter 8
Who called the first assembly in this chapter? Jack= anarchy and overthrow- “I called it!” A power challenge to Ralph.
During the assembly, how many voted that Ralph shouldn’t be chief? Why? No one. They still feel Ralph is best and safest choice for chief. Jack called the vote- Offended “I’m not playing!”
The Hunters get a new name. What is it? How/why? Savages- breaking away, strip down, painting faces and bodies, kill, torture. “Little boys with sticks.”
The boys look at something with “affectionate respect.” What is it? Conch=after Jack barges in as a savage.Feel the need to protect and defend.
Who/why? “I’m not going to play with you any longer. Not with you.” Jack- no one voted him as chief, it is still a game to him, doesn’t understand the seriousness of situation.
Who/why? “I think we ought to climb the mountain.” Simon- beast=fear- must be confronted and overcome.”What else is there to do?”
Who/why? “We’ll hunt and I’m going to be chief.” Jack- feeding the fear of others, has split off from the group, has few followers.
Who/why? “The head is for the beast, it’s a gift.” Jack- feeding fear (the beast), a ceremony to his “God” (sacrifice)God of darkness/violence/fear.
Who/why? “I’d like to put on war-paint and be a savage. But we must keep the fire burning.” Ralph- speaking after the raid. focus on fire! focus on reality! Focus on needs!
Who/why? “Fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt and kill.” The lord of the flies- the beast has life as long as a man lives and feels it through beliefs and actions.
Who/why? “You knew didn’t you? I’m part of you?” The lord of the flies- fear and evil are a part of man.
Chapter 9 Chapter 9
What was the “cannon” that “continued to play” through chapter 9? Thunder/lightning (blue scar)- ominous, foreshadowing, dark!
Who sat like an idol, painted and garlanded, in the center of the lawn? Jack- tyrant leader, a pagan god in his own mind.
During the party, evening had come, not with calm beauty, but with the threat of violence. Discuss this. The storm brewing above. Foreshadow- Simon’s death, conflict between Ralph and Jack, Jacks tyranny.
At the party, who acted like the pig? Roger- wild dancing around the fire.
What happened to the parachutist? Blew away- wind and storm blew it out to sea.
Who was killed because the boys thought he was the beast? Simon- crowd gaping, becoming one body. Simon “crucified”
What happened to the body on the beach? Simon washed out to sea. Left laying in the sand, rain washed away blood, foam in hair (halo), body washed out.
“Do our dance! Come on! Dance!” Who/why? Jack before they kill Simon. Trying to retain control, distracting them from the storm.
“Let them go. I don’t care.” Who/why? Ralph- before they go to the party.
“P’raps we ought to go too… I mean to make sure nothing happens.” Who/why? Piggy- of Jack’s party- hungry, scared, isolated. Feeling “Which is worse? Being apart from them or with them?”
Chapter 10 Chapter 10
What are Samneric doing at the beginning of the chapter? Getting wood for the signal fire.
What is Ralph frightened of? “Us”- what they did to Simon, Ralph is honest with himself about the murder, no longer scared of the beast but of man’s violence.
Who went with Jack to take fire from the others? Maurice (lacky) and Roger (sadist)
Before they were attacked, what did Ralph “desperately pray?” That the beast preferred “littluns.”Knows Simon is dead, still thinks there is a beast.
Who was Ralph fighting in the dark? Eric- ended up fighting themselves. Bloodying each other- desperate, frustrating.
What did Jack take from the others? Piggy’s glasses- Piggy 100% helpless. No fire = no rescue

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