Lord of the Flies chapter questions

(1) How did the boys arrive on the island? A plane crashed in bad weather.
(1) How did Ralph call the first meeting? with a conch shell
(1) What are the names of the twins? Sam and Eric Samneric
(1) What does Ralph’s dad do? He is a Naval Commander.
(1) What nationality are the boys? British
(1) The island was roughly _____________ shaped. boat
(1) What is the “scar”? A gash in the jungle where the plane crashed.
(1) For whom did Piggy vote as chief? Ralph
(1) Who went to make sure the island was really an island?a.b.c. Ralph, Simon, Jack
(1) Who is your favorite character so far? (opinion) Characters: Ralph- fair haired boy/chiefJack- red hair, blue eyes, meanPiggy- smart wears glassesSimon- FaintsSam & Eric – twins
(1) Literary terms introduced plot, characters, symbols, theme
(2) Who is the only one who may interrupt the speaker holding the conch? Ralph
(2) Who saw the beast/beastie/snake-like thing? Boy with the birthmark on his face.
(2) Who says, again and again that there isn’t a beast? Ralph, so as not to fear and keep the litteuns feeling secure
(2) On page 37, Ralph make a two-fold “mission statement”. What are the two parts? 1 We are going to be rescued2 We are going to have fun.
(2) Why do they need a fire? As a signal fire at the top of the mountain
(2) What did the boys use to start the fire? Dry wood, Piggy’s glasses
(2) Who is the first boy to die? Boy with the birthmark
(2) who said it? (remember to indicate page numbers)”How do you expect to be rescued if you don’t put first things first and act proper?” Piggy page 46
(2) who said it? (remember to indicate page numbers)”I told you to. I told you to get a list of names!” Ralph page 46
(2) who said it? (remember to indicate page numbers)”We’ll have rules! Lots of rules! Then when anyone breaks ’em” Jack
(3) What is Jack doing as the chapter opens (be specific) Hunting- looking for signs of pigs
(3) Ralph and ______________ are building huts. Simon. Not very sucessfully. They have no help because the littleuns keep going off to play.
(3) Why can’t Jack get the pig to stay on his spear? He doesn’t have a sharp barb.
(3) All the hunter but Jack have gone where? To play in the water/lagoon
(3) Who helps the littleuns get fruit? Simon
(3) At the end of the chapter, where does Simon go? To a hiding place- a clearing surrounded by candlebuds.
(3) Who Said It? (indicate page number)”We want meat!” Jack pg 51
(3) Who Said It? (indicate page number)”I was talking about smoke! Don’t you want to be rescued? All you talk about it pig, pig, pig!” Ralph pg 54
(3) Who Said It? (indicate page number)”I thought I might kill” Jack pg 51
(5) What is “Taken short”? Having to use the bathroom uncontrollably
(5) What does Ralph think they ought to do before they let the fire go out? “We out to –die before we let the fire out” pg 81
(5) Who scared the littlun by walking around in the jungle at night? Simon- Simon was going around the jungle/going to his little private place.
(5) Who are the two littluns who hold the conch and speak about the beast at the assembly? Phil pg 84 Percival Wemys Madison pg 86
(5) Who said it? “The thing is, we need an assembly”—to establish law and order again Ralph
(5) Who said it? “Serve you right if something did get you, you useless lot of cry-babies!” Jack– getting mad at the littluns
(5) Who said it? “Life … is scientific, that’s what it is.” Piggy
(5) Who said it? “What I mean is… maybe it’s only us.” — in reference to the beast Simon
(5) Who said it? “What are we? Humans? Or animals? or savages?” Piggy
(5) Bonus: How did Piggy’s specs get broken (71)? Jack hit Piggy in the stomach and the glasses fell off
(6-7) What was the “sign that came down from the world of the grown-ups”? A parachutist who ejected from his plane. There was dog fighting, his plane was hit and he was killed.
(6-7) Who saw the “beast” on top of the mountain? Same and Eric –The parachutist rose and fell when the wind blew into the parachute
(6-7) What did the boys want to do instead of going to the other side of the island to check the fire? Stay down on the beach by the shelters
(6-7) Who said it? “I don’t believe in the beast” Simon pg 105
(6-7) Who said it “we want smoke. and you go wasting your time. You roll rocks” Ralph pg 108
(6-7) Who hit the boar with his spear? Ralph pg 113
(6-7) Who got hurt playing the role of the pig? Ralph pg 113
(6-7)Who went through the forest alone to tell Piggy that the group hunting the beast wouldn’t be back until after dark? Simon pg 117
(6-7)Who climbed the mountain to look for the beast? Jack, Ralph, Roger (pg 123)…. Roger Joining in beast=evilThey saw the “beast” on top of the mountain. It’s actually the parachutist. They think it looks like an ape. They run away.
(8) Chapter 8 Teacher’s note Beginning of chapter they describe the beast- teeth- really the dead/decaying parachutist
(8) Who called the fist assembly? Jack p 125
(8) During the assembly, how many voted that Ralph shouldn’t be chief? no on- there was silence pg 127
(8) On page 140 the hunter get a new name. What is it? Savages– They are now a tribe
(8) The group of boys looked at it with affectionate respect. What was it? Conch
(8) Who said it? “I’m not going to play any longer.. Not with you.” Jack- when he wasn’t voted chief
(8) Who said it? “I think we ought to climb the mountain.” Simon- to prove there really is not a beast
(8) Who said it?”We’ll hunt and I’m going to be chief” Jack
(8) Who said it? “The head is for the beast, it’s a gift.” Jack
(8) Who said it? “I’d like to put on war-paint and be a savage. But we must keep the fire burning.” Ralph
(8) Who said it? “Fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt and kill.” The Lord of the Flies (pig’s head on stick)
(8) Who said it? “You knew didn’t you? I’m part of you.” The Lord of the Flies/Simon’s subconscious
(8) Page 132 pay attention to where Simon goes and what happens there.
(8) pg 134-135 Most wicked evil yet– the way they kill the mother pig.
(9)What was the “cannon” (signaling war) that “continued to play” throughout chapter 9? The Thunder- the weather is turning bad. a symbol for the darkness on the island.
(9) Who sat, like an idol, painted and garlanded, in the center of the lawn? Jack– like a tribal chief.
(9) During the party, evening had come, not with calm beauty, but the the _____________ ______ ______________. threat of violence pg 150 lightening and thunder
(9) At the party, who acted like the pig? Roger pg 151
(9) What happened to the parachutist? pg 153 The wind caught it, bumped it down the mountain and washed it out to sea.
(9) Who was killed because the boys thought he was the beast? pg 152-153 Simon
(9) What happened to the body on the beach? Simon’s body also washed out to sea
(9) Who said it? “Do our dance! Come on! Dance!” Jack pg 151
(9) Who said it? “Let them go. I don’t care” Ralph pg 148
(9) Who said it? “P’haps we ought to go too… I mean to make sure nothing happens.” Piggy to Ralph
(9) Teacher note In the chapter, the weather symbolizes and foreshadows the tragedy of Simon.
(10) What were Sam ‘n Eric doing in the beginning of the chapter? Collecting wood
(10) On page 157, what is Ralph frightened of ? of themeselves– “I’m frightened. Of us.”
(10) Who went with Jack to take fire from the others? MauriceRoger- he is getting more and more involved in bad things
(10) Before they were attacked, what did Ralph “desperately pray”? pg 165 That they would get home/be rescued and get out of this
(10) Who was Ralph fight in the dark? Eric
(10) What did Jack take from the others? Piggy’s glasses
(10) Who said it? “That was murder” Ralph to Piggy about Simon pg 156
(10) Who said it? “We don’t want another night without fire.” Ralph pg 162 to Piggy, Sam and Eric
(10) Who said it? “I thought they wanted the conch.” Ralph to Piggy (they took his glasses. Piggy is now blind.)
(10) What do Ralph and Piggy say about their involvement in Simon’s death? It wasn’t their fault– they were on the outside of the circle. They had also left early. So they didn’t really see anything
(11) Who “protested out of the heart of civilization” Sam and Eric pg 178 They protested because Jack was capturing them wanted to tie them up. The twin were begging not to be because it was uncivilized.
(11) Who Killed Piggy? Roger
(11) How did Piggy die? Roger set a rock to fall on Piggy. He was smashed and fell 40 ft and was drawn out to sea.
(11) Who said it? “After all we aren’t savages really, and being rescued isn’t a game.” Ralph p170 trying to form his thoughts after they were attacked by Jack.
(11) Who said it? “Well, we won’t be painted, because we are savages.” Ralph p172 Before they go to try and get Piggy’s glasses back.
(11) Who said it? “You’re a beast and a swine nd a bloody, bloody thief!” Ralph to Jack p 179 Right after Jack captured the twins.
(11) “See? See? That’s what you’ll get! I meant that!” There isn’t a tribe for you anymore! The conch is gone.” Jack to Ralph– right after the rock killed Piggy and smashed the conch.
(11) Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up?” Ralph to Jack and all of the “savages” (littluns) Right before Piggy was killed.
(12) Who was the “savage whose image refused to blend with that ancient picture of a boy in shorts and shirt?” Bill (p183) Bill was one of Jack’s henchmen
(12) Why would “bathing (Ralph’s) injuries have to wait?” He needed to find somewhere safe to hide- the stream and ocean are too wide open
(12) What did Ralph do to the “Lord of the flies”? He hit the skull with a stick
(12) Who had the “memory of a new and shameful loyalty.” Sam n Eric p187 They were ashamed that they had to be loyal to Jack
(12) Who sharpened a stick on both ends intending to use it on Ralph? Roger p 190 Think back to Lord of the Flies (the pig)
(12) How did they try to get Ralph out of the thicket? Fire and rocks– also lines of people moving throughout
(12) Ralph had 3 different strategies for ‘escaping’ the hunters. What were they? Climb a treeCharge the line/break throughhide so well that the hunters went past him
(12) Who said it? “Nobody killed, I hope? Any dead bodies?” The navel officer to Ralph
“They are going to hunt you tomorrow.” Sam n Eric

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