Lord of the Flies Chapter 9 Questions

What reason does Ralph gives for the boys’ defection to Jack? The are hungry and need food. They want to be part of a group.
Where does Simon go after he leaves “the Lord of the Flies”? He goes to the body on the mountain.
What does Simon do after smelling the dead body? He vomits.
Where does Simon go after he is at the mountain? What does he discover about the beast? He goes to tell the other boys that the beast is not real. The beast is a decaying body.
What kind of leader is Jack? How does Jack propose to rule without the conch? He rules through terror and offering protection from the beast. He promises to provide food and fun.
Which side of the island had a little bit of smoke? Jack’s side of the island. Presumably because he is cooking the sow’s meat in his party.
Why do Ralph and Piggy decide to attend Jack’s feast? They want to keep some control over the events.
Why does Ralph remind Jack’s followers that they don’t have shelters? It begins to rain and they are scared of lightning.
What happens when Jack asks Ralph’s followers to join with him? Ralph’s followers end up joining Jack. Then Ralph and Jack argue about who is the chief.
What do the boys chant as they dance around in the rain? When Simon arrives, what do they add to their chant? “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!” When Simon arrives, they add “Do him in!” to their chant.
What tragic mistake is made in the frenzy and excitement of the hunting dance? They kill Simon.
Do you think the boys are aware of what they have done when they kill Simon? The boys think that they are killing the beast.
What best describes the implication of what happened to Simon? People are easily swayed.
What seems to have been Simon’s function in the novel? Simon is a completely good figure, he can also be a religious figure.
What happens to the figure on the mountain? It is blown into the ocean.
Why does the tide wash away the tragic mistake? It symbolizes the death of the human spirit.
How did Ralph organize his group? He organized his group by getting them to work together and focus on shelter and getting rescued.
How did Jack organize his group? He uses the beast to manipulate the others into becoming violent savages.
Was Simon interfering when he was killed or was he simply trying to save them from the REAL beast? He was trying to let everyone know that the beast did not exist.
What is the REAL beast? The savagery that exists inside all human beings.
What is the significance of the title of this chapter being “A View to a Death”? The death of the pig and the death of the pilot have been the views that will lead to Simon’s own death.
Which theme is the least prevalent in this chapter. Fear vs. Courage appears the least. Other themes that appear more in the chapter are The struggle of Man vs. Nature, Evil vs. Innocence, and The corruption of power and control.

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