Lord of the Flies: Chapter 8

How did Ralph describe the beast that he saw in Chapter 7 to Piggy? Ralph told Piggy that the beast had teeth and big black eyes.
Who blew into the conch and called an assembly? Jack
What does Jack say about Ralph during the assembly? Jack compares Ralph to Piggy by saying that he says things like Piggy. Jack then tells the boys that Ralph isn’t a proper chief and is a coward.
What does Jack do during the assembly that causes silence? Jack asks the boys to raise their hand if they do not want Ralph to be chief, but there are no responses.
How does Ralph feel about Jack leaving the group? Ralph believes that Jack will come back before the sun goes down.
What is Simon’s idea about dealing with the monster? Simon suggests climbing the mountain to face the monster.
What does Piggy suggest about the fire? Piggy suggests moving the fire away from the mountain so that they’re not in the way of the monster.
How does Piggy feel about Jack leaving the group? Piggy was so full of delight that he helped to fetch wood.
What is the difference between the wood from the mountain and the wood in their new location? The wood in their new location is damply rotten and full of insects that scurried.
What was the energy of those who worked on gathering wood like? They worked with great energy and cheerfulness, though as time crept by there was a suggestion of panic in the energy and hysteria in the cheerfulness.
After gathering the wood, which three people did Piggy and Ralph notice were missing? Maurice, Bill, and Roger.
How did Piggy, Sam, and Eric want to celebrate their smaller group? They wanted to celebrate with a feast of ripe fruit.
What did Maurice and Robert do after Jack’s group killed the pig? Maurice acted as the pig while Robert acted as the hunter.
What did Jack do with the head of the pig that his group killed? Jack stuck the head of the pig on a spear as a sacrifice for the monster.
What problem did Piggy and Ralph have with the fire? They do not have enough people to watch the fire, especially since Sam and Eric count as one.
What did Jack’s group do when they arrived at the site of Ralph’s group? Jack and his hunters took their wood and invited them to a feast.
What does Simon find? Simon finds the pig’s head on the stake in the middle of the clearing.
Why does Simon faint? The head speaks to Simon in the voice of the “Lord of the Flies,”. Terrified and troubled by the apparition, Simon collapses in a faint.

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