Lord of the Flies Chapter 7-9 Quiz

What does Ralph do with his hair? he cuts it because it feels dirty
Where are the boys looking for the beast? on the dangerous side of the Island
Who predicts that Ralph will get back home? Simon
How is Simon different from the other boys? he has a good grasp on human spirit
How did Ralph take Simon’s words? encouraging
When the boys went to look for the beast where was Piggy? Back at the camp with the kids
Who went to the dangerous side of the island? Simon, Ralph, Jack, and the older kids
What is Ralph day dreaming about? home~when his dad was not in the navy~when his mom was still alive~about corn flakes and sugar before bed
What does Ralph hit with a spear and where? he hits a pig in the snout
What happens to the pig that Ralph hits? the pig runs away
Who is the pig in the pig dance? Robert
What happens to Robert? he is accidentally stabbed
Who said we should have a drum during the pig circles? Maurice
What did Robert say after the pig circle? “you want a real pig because you’ve got to kill him”
What does Jack tease Ralph about? That Ralph is too scared to go up the mountain
What type of beast does Simon believe in? He believes in a beast that is not tangible, but the evil that is in mankind
What is a sign from the adults? the beast(dead person with the parachute)
Does Jack respond when Ralph asks him “why do you hate me?” no
Who went back to tell Piggy that the group of boys were going up a mountain? Simon
Who decided to climb the mountain? Jack, Roger, and Ralph
Is the fire still going on the mountain? no
Who is giving into Jack’s taunt? Ralph
Who is Roger? the boy who knocked over the sand castles on the beach with Maurice
When Ralph and Roger are half way up the mountain what happens? Jack comes running back
Why did Jack come running back? he saw a bulge of something
Who still wants to continue up the mountain? Ralph
What happens to Ralph once up the mountain? Ralph becomes dizzy and sick, because he is nervous and stressed
Who see the Beast lift its head? All three boys: Roger, Jack, and Ralph
Why did the Beast’s head lift? because the parachute filled with wind picking up the head
When the boys see the Beast lift his head what do they do? The run away
Who can not believe that the boys saw the monster on the mountain? Piggy
Why does Ralph call an assembly? to tell about the beast
What does Jack talk about? the beast
Why does Jack talk about the beast? to gain leveragehe uses it against Ralph
Does Jack want Ralph to be chief? no
Who votes for Jack to be chief? no one
Who leaves the group? Jack
Who joins Jack’s group? big kids
Why did the big kids join Jack? they wanted to huntJack promised them things
Who thinks Ralph’s group should go up and look at the beast? Simon
Who is relaxed without Jack? Piggy
Who starts a fire with Piggy’s Glasses in Chapter 8? Piggy
Where is the fire that was started with Piggy’s glasses in Chapter 8? on the beach
Who notice who are gone? Piggy and Ralph notice Bill, Roger and Maurice are gone
Where is Simon when Piggy and Ralph notice Bill, Roger, and Maurice are gone? In his secret place
What is the Lord of the Flies? A female pig head on a stick
After leaving Ralph’s group where does Jack head? to Castle rock
Does Jack care about the beast? at first he says he doesn’t, then he creates the lord of the flies as an offering, so yes and no
What is the Gift for the Darkness? A female pig head on a stick
Who is the Gift for the Darkness given to? the Beast
What is the Lord of the Flies a sign of? the boys becoming more savage
Who sharpens a stick on each side for the Lord of the Flies? Roger
Does the beast accept the gift? yes
Who had a migraine headache while Jack’s group was making the Lord of the Flies? Ralph
Who is also having a medical condition while Jack’s group is making the Lord of the Flies? Simon
During Simon’s Seizures what is Simon talking to? the Lord of the Flies
What type of medical condition does Simon have? Epilepitic Seizures (Epilepsy)
Why does Simon go to his secret place? so he can get away from the kids because he may have a seizure
What does Ralph explain to Piggy? how Sam and Eric do everything together
Why do three boys come over to Ralph’s group? they try to recruit kids by saying that they have meat
Who all go to the feast? Piggy, Sam, Eric, Ralph and other kids(not Simon)
What does the Lord of the Flies symbolize? Evil
What is another name for Lord of the Flies? Beelzebub
Who passes out? Simon
What does Simon ask when he comes out of the Seizure? What else is there to do
What happens to Simon when he wakes up? he gets a nose bleed
Why does Simon climb the mountain? to see what there is
What does Simon see? the dead man who is the beast
What does Simon do after he sees the beast? he goes to tell everyone
Does Ralph and piggy go to eat at Jack’s group? yes
Who dies? Simon

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