Lord of the Flies (Chapter 7)

What has Ralph come to accept as normal? His personal hygiene
Why are Ralph’s fingernails bitten? What is Ralph insinuating when he says “be sucking my thumb next?” It’s an old habit; he will end up going back to his old ways
How do the 2 different sides of the island affect his hopes for rescue? -One side was just vast ocean making him feel isolated-The other side was rough sea and not a big chance of boaters
What prediction does Simon make? That Ralph will make it back safely
Notice the complete reversal of mood on page 102. What happens to Ralph as he participates in his first hunt? He challenges into an overexcited spaz
Describe what you would show if you were filming the scene where the boys react the hunt (114-115). How do you think Robert feels during this ritual? Switch from different perspectives; very scared
Why does Simon go off alone? To go to piggy so he wasn’t alone with the littluns and to tell them they’d be back after dark
What do Ralph, Roger, and Jack find at the top of the hill? Do they realize what it is? Do you think the story would be better if the reader didn’t know what it is? -The parachutist-No-No, because we would not have the dramatic irony

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