Lord of the Flies chapter 6 study guied

what is happening in the air as the boys sleep? Airplanes are fighting a fierce battle.
what was the sign that got sent down from the world of grownups? Parachute is battle from above Beast is bowling movement & fear giveslife
How do sam and eric exaggerate what they saw? They said they heard and saw movement in the dark.
What makes the ¨beast¨ move? The beast moves when wind catches it´s parachute.
What does Ralph tell Jack to do at the meeting when Jack tries to talk out of turn? Ralph tells jack to sit down.
When jack follows Ralph up the rocks, what does he think the castle rock would be good for? A fort.
What do the boys do when the enter the small island? The boys roll a large rock onto the ocean.
What does ralph urge them to concentrate on instead? To concentrate on the signal fire.
Which boy says he doesn’t believe in the beast? Simon
About what do Ralph and Jack argue about? Ralph wants a fire and Jack wants a fort.

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