Lord of the Flies Chapter 6 Study Guide Questions

What is the “beast from air”? How is it appropriate that the boys mistake it for a beast- what connection does it have with the novel’s themes, and what does it symbolize? The “beast from the air” is a dead pilot that landed on their island and his parachute was flapping in the air which made Sam and Eric think that he was a new beast and that caused them to be frightened. This symbolizes their hidden fear of their so-called beastie.
What does Sam and Eric’s description of the beast tell us about human phsycology? Sam and Eric’s overly exaggerated descriptions tells us readers that human psychology interprets things unrealistically. Their description had mirrored their fears about the new beast.
How does Ralph overcome Jack’s challenge during the discussion about what to do about the beast? Ralph gets all the boys to be in his side by reminding them of the fire incident that had occurred earlier in the book. Jack had no other option other than to go with Ralph’s ideas.
What significant thoughts does Simon have about the beast while the boys are walking to the “castle”? Simon had suggested, like Piggy, that maybe they themselves are the beast. He believed it was their fear being reflected by their thoughts. However, Piggy’s logical explanation was not as in depth as that of Simon’s.
Why do you think Ralph doesn’t really expect to encounter the beast ? He still holds his strong opinion that there is no beast despite what the twins had told him. He does not want to believe anything unless he sees it for himself.
How do most of the boys react to their discovery of the “castle”? What foreshadowing takes place at the end of the chapter? Most of the boys speculate that their “so-called beastie” or the “snake thing” lives in their castle. But they had found no beast within their castle and now Jack wants to make it their home. This foreshadows a new set of adventures to come later in the story.

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