Lord of the Flies Chapter 6 Review

Everyone wants to get rescued, but no one besides Piggy, Ralph, and Simon work hard. Why doesn’t everyone else work? They are kids and represent the id and would rather focus on self gratification than to work.
What is drifts onto the island during the night? A dead pilot that has a parachute on.
What makes the “beast” move? The wind.
Who is looking over the fire when the beast is discovered? Samneric.
What does Ralph tell Jack when Jack talked when he wasn’t supposed to? Ralph tells him to sit down.
Who volunteers to see if the beast was ahead of them? Ralph
What do the boys discover at the end of the island? They find a smaller island connected to the big one by a stone bridge.
Who does Jack want to look over the littluns? Piggy
What does Jack say about the conch? He says that they don’t need the conch anymore.
What does Jack want to do with the smaller island? He wants to make it a fort.
Who leads the boys off the island? Jack
What does the Ralph want to do while they are on the other island? He wants them to focus on the signal fire.
What do samneric say that the beast had/did? Eyes, teeth, and claws.
What was happening above the island overnight? An aerial battle.
What does Jack want to do with the beast? He wants to hunt it and kill it.
What is significant about Jack wanting to stay on the smaller island? Jack will use that as a base and uses it to legitimize his power.
What does Ralph say that convinces the boys to go back to the island? He says he’s the chief and there may be a ship out there.
What does Ralph keep saying throughout the chapter to get people to follow his orders? What is this beginning to show? He says he is the chief. He is beginning to lose control of the boys as he has to keep reminding them that he is the chief.
What makes up the bridge to be smaller island? Some rocks.
why does Jack not want to keep the rule about the conch? He says everyone knows who the people who say things should be. The other people who try to speak do no good.
What happened to Simon when he was walking? He walks into a tree and remembers the dreadful feeling of human interaction.
What does Jack want to do with the boulders they find? Roll them across the bridge when enemies attack.
Why is Ralph reluctant to blow the conch? He doesn’t want to alert the beast.
Temulously Adv-in a trembling, nervous, shaky, or timid way
Exasperation N-irritation, frustration
Incredulously Adv-doubt about the truth of something, disbelief
Diffidently Adv-lacking of self confidence, shy or timid
Leviathan N-monstrous sea creature symbolizing evil in the Old Testament
Plinth N-architectural support or base usually made of stone
Guano N-The excremental of sea birds

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