Lord of The Flies Chapter 6 and 7

What were the twins doing on the mountain? Watching the fire
Why did the twins not change shifts? They couldn’t act independently
What fell on the twins? The tent, and more specifically the pilot who fell
What did the twins need to do? Reignite the fire because they were cold
Why did the twins run? They needed to get away from the pilot that had fallen on them
Who woke up Ralph? The twins
What did Ralph tell the twins to do? Call an assembly since they think the beast is on the mountaintop
Who was crying at the explanation of the beast? Johnny who was slapped by Bill to shut up
Why didn’t Ralph blow the conch? It would be stupid, wouldn’t want to startle the beast
Who snarled at the twins and their frightened expression? Jack
Who wanted to stay back instead of confront the beast? Piggy
Who was to stay behind during the beast hunt? Piggy
Who questioned if the beast would come to the littleuns? Piggy
What did Ralph say they should do instead of hunt the beast? Reignite the fire because it’s the most important thing
Where is the one place that Jack hasn’t explored? The rocky area with one way up
Who suggested that they should eat first? Ralph
Who suggested that they should look at the rocky area then go up the mountain? Ralph
Where was Ralph walking? Toward the back of the line
What happened with Simon whilst they walked? He bumped into a tree and was sent back to his “personal hell”
Who suggested that Jack go and then afterwards, the chief go? Ralph
Who said that the castle was a good place for a fort? Jack
Who said that they had plenty of time to roll rocks? Roger
What was Ralph thinking about on the pig-run? His toilet(?), essentially his return to the civilized world
What did Jack find on the pig-run? Pig droppings
What was Ralph daydreaming about? A cottage that he lived in for a short time
What would come to the stone wall of the cottage? Wild ponies
Who threw their spear at the boar? Ralph who had hit it
Who was wounded by the boar? Jack
Who called for a ring and who was in the middle? Jack called for a ring around Robert
Who suggested they use a littleun for their game? Jack
Who said that they needed some equipment to make the game work properlyt? Maurice
Who suggested that they should go back to Piggy? Maurice
Who said that they shouldn’t let anything happen to Piggy? Jack
What did Ralph suggest they do? Cut to the pig-run to the platform
Who volunteered to go back and tell Piggy that they were going to the mountain? Simon
Who questioned Ralph’s bravery Jack, who volunteered to go up the mountain instead of waiting till morning
Who came with Ralph and Jack up the mountain? Roger
Who kept questioning going up the mountain? Ralph
What did Ralph suggest to Jack when going up? He go alone since he’s so fearless
What did Jack see on the mountain? A bulge
What did Ralph say about the thing Jack saw on the mountain? He imagined it because no creature would bulge
What did Roger say that the creature on the top was? A frog

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