Lord of the Flies Chapter 6-9

What is happening in the air while the boys sleep? The parachute falls out of the sky.
What do Sam and Eric think they see? They think they see The Beastie
What do they really see? A person in a parachute.
How do Sam and Eric exaggerate what they saw? They were chased by a beastie who had teeth and claws.
When Jack follows Ralph up the rocks, what does he think the castle rock would be good for? A fort.
About what do Ralph and Jack argue? Ralph wants a fire. Jack wants a fort.
What does Simon say to Ralph? The boat will save them.
What sarcastic remark does Ralph have in response? Got a ship in your pocket?
What is discouraging Ralph in regard to being rescued? Ralph doesn’t think they are going to be rescued.
What does Ralph accomplish that he is quite proud of? Ralph sticks a board with a spear.
What happens to Jack during the pig hunt? Jack gets wounded.
Who hurts his butt during the game of pretend pig hunt? Robert
What does Simon offer? To go across the island.
What does Ralph ask Jack that make the boys uncomfortable? Why does Jack hate him.
All but what three boys remain to go up the mountain? Ralph, Jack, Roger
What do the three boys see on the mountain? The shadow
What two things does Ralph say that insults Jack? Jack would hide from the beast, Jack’s hunters armed with sticks.
Who calls the meeting? Jack
List two reasons that Jack offers for why Ralph is not a proper chief Ralph is a coward, Ralph is like Piggy
What kid of vote does Jack call for? Who wants Ralph not to be the chief.
What childish thing does Jack say after the vote doesn’t go his way? “I’m not playing anymore!”
What does Simon suggest doing? Climbing up the mountain
Where does Piggy suggest building the fire? Between the pool and platform near the beach.
Where do Maurice, Bill, and Roger go? The forest
Where does Simon go? His secret place in the forest
What does Jack rub all over Maurice? The pig’s blood/paint
What do the do with the sharpened stick? Stab it through the pig’s neck and head
What is the pig head’s name? The Lord of the Flies
When Jack comes for the fire, what is he wearing? A belt and paint on his face
How does Jack try to tempt the boys who have stayed with Ralph? He’s going to have a party and a feast
What does the Lord of the Flies say to Simon about having fun? “We’re going to have fun or else!”
What does Simon find on the mountain? The body in the parachute
What does Simon do after smelling the body? He gets sick
How does this imply about who most of the boys are following? The boys are on Jack’s side
What is Piggy sure is going to happen? A storm will come and it will rain
What does Piggy suggest doing? Going with Jack’s party
What does Jack wave when he speaks? A spear
After the boys have eaten all they want, Jack and Ralph try to persuade the boys to do what? Pick a side
What does Jack say about the conch? It doesn’t work and matter on his side of the island
Whose side do most of the boys choose? Jack’s side
What is the chant? How has it changed from previous chapters? “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!” Changed from being the pig to being the beastie, and from a she to a he.
What does Simon try to tell the boys? He saw the body
What happens to Simon? He gets killed
What happens to the man on the parachute? He flies out to sea

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