Lord of the Flies (Chapter 6)

Ironically, what Ralph wished for does come true. What happens? Why is the answer to his wish depressingly ironic? Their fire goes out, completely ruining there chance of rescue
What do Simon and Eric claim they have seen on the mountain top? How do they describe it? The Beast, is furry, has claws, and head-wings
What does Jack say about the conch on 92? That if he blows it and people don’t come then they are done
How has the significance of the conch changed? No one really pays any attention to that rule anymore
When Simon thought of the beast, what picture came to his mind? A human at once heroic and sick
As the boys are searching the island,who leads the group when they get to the ledge? Ralph
What strange thing does Ralph notice as the boys are playing around the rolling rocks? When a rock falls in the sea, it makes a huge spray

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