Lord of The Flies Chapter 5 Study Guide

Why did Ralph choose the firm path? He needed to think, and he could allow his feet to move freely on this path
What must this meeting be? Business and not fun
Why did Ralph walk faster and faster? He was beginning to think about getting off the island, at how annoyed he was at his current lifestyle
What were the kids conscious of? Ralph’s grim mood
How many times did fundamental statements need to be said before it got into someone’s head? Twice
Who made the whole speech about the serious meeting? Ralph
What happened with the coconut shells? They were dry when they agreed to fill them up, now people just drink from the river
How many coconuts were there in the beginning of the day? Two
Where are Samneric sleeping tonight? Next to the fire, they are on fire duty
Where is the lavatory? Rocks along the bathing pool
Who was denied the conch? Piggy
Where are people doing their business? Everywhere which is why Ralph is getting mad
What have they ought to do before letting the fire go out? Die
What is another rule that Ralph made? They wont have a fire anywhere else but on top of the mountain, no cooking fires
Who said “But you’ve talked and talked”? Jack
What was the last thing that Ralph wanted to talk about? The fears and of the beastie
What did Jack say the first time he got the conch? The littleuns shouldn’t have made up all the garbage about the beastie because it scares everyone and they shouldn’t complain since they don’t do anything
Who said “What is all this? Who said anything about an animal”? Ralph, and then Jack said that Ralph talked about the littleuns talking about an animal at night
How does Jack reassure the littleuns that there is nothing? He says that he is a hunter and he’s been all around the island and hasn’t seen the beastie
Who didn’t agree with most of what Jack said? Piggy
Who was the littleun that came up? Phil
Describe Phil Self confident, holding out his hand, cradling conch
What did Phil talk about? His dream and about his nightmare, how he woke up and then walked outside looking around
What does Ralph claim about Phil’s dream? He was sleepwalking
Who does Ralph suspect is the person that Phil “saw”? Simon
Where does Simon go? A place that he knows in the jungle
Who was the second littleun that was pushed up? Percival
How did Maurice save the little kids from crying? By falling down on the twister
What did Percival say when he got up? He said where he was from and reminded everyone about their personal life
Where does the beast come out according to Percival? The sea
What did Maurice say about monsters in the sea? They haven’t found all the animals in the sea yet
What was the animal from the sea that the kids suspected? A squid
What did Ralph do to silence the people? Take the conch from Maurice and blow into it
Who has a hesitant belief in the beast? Simon
Who didn’t believe in ghosts? Piggy
Who questions what they are? Piggy, he says that they are human, not animals, savages, etc.
Who questions Ralph’s authority? Jack

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