lord of the flies chapter 5 questions

How has life on the island change Ralph he has “grown up”, now he has to be a leader
What brings Ralph into close sympathy with Piggy Said they are both the thinkers
What does Jack do when Ralph reprimands the boys about the problems? Blames the littuns
Why does piggy get upset when the boys talk about eating pigs foreshadowing
Why does the memory of the boy with the birthmark upset Piggy and Ralph He was the first one to talk about the beastie and it’s they’re fault.
What can’t percival remember? What is this a sign of His number. The boys are losing touch with humanity
What is the significance of the title “beast from water” the boys said they saw the beast coming out of the water
What is Simons theory about the beast? Says the beast is them, they’re is evil within all of us
What is man’s essential illness fear

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