Lord of the Flies (Chapter 4)

What strange things happen at mid-day? Images flicker over the water
How did the littluns spend their day? They nap, eat fruit, and play
In what ways does Roger seem cruel? He was torturing the littluns
What is Henry doing while Roger watches him? Throwing stones
What does it mean when Roger felt the “taboo of the old life?” Also, what does it mean when Jack approached Roger “a darker shadow crept beneath Roger’s skin.” What effect is Jack having on Roger? He scares him because Jack is going crazy
Describe the transformation that takes place after Jack paints his face. The mask serves a few purposes. List them. He goes a little crazy, like mean and savage, gives him a confidence boost; Also he knows that he is confident on the outside but on the inside he isn’t
What does Ralph discover that upsets him greatly? The hunters let the fire go out and the boat that went by didn’t see it
What do the hunters chant? “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.”
How does Jack’s attack on Piggy and the breaking of one of the lenses in his spectacles symbolize the degeneration of the group? That the small things are setting arguments off
Who finds Piggy’s spectacles for him? Simon

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