Lord of the Flies: Chapter 4

What do the first two paragraphs describe? how slow the days were
How is this description important symbolically to the story? things get worse as the day goes on
What have the littluns grown used to because of their eating habits? stomachaches and chronic diarrhea
Who are the three boys building sand castles? Henry, Percival Johnny
Who is the leader of the three? What reason is given for him being leader? Henry. He is the oldest of the three
Who cries and why? Percival. He got sand in his eyes
Of what duty have Roger and Maurice just been relieved? the fire
Of what does Maurice feel a bit guilty? at home, he used to receive chastisement for filling a younger eye with sand
What catches Henry’s interest on the beach? creatures that were left on the sand at low tides
What almost hits Roger? coconuts
What keeps Roger from throwing the stones at Henry? the fear of parents,police,law,school’s protection
What is Jack doing to himself and why? Camofloging himself so the pigs won’t see him.
Who is all with Jack in the forest? Jack, Bill, Sam, and Eric
What is a strange detail of Piggy’s hair? His hair did not grow.
What does Piggy suggest making that Ralph ignores? a sun dial
What does Ralph see in the distance? smoke
What happened to the smoke on the mountain? How does Ralph react? The fire went out. He started running towards the mountain.
What does Jack return with? a pig
What do the boys chant upon their return? “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.”
What happens to Piggy after he yells at Jackfor letting the fire go out? He gets punched in the stomach.
Who gives Piggy his piece of meat? simon
What does Jack do in response to this? Jack got mad, got another chunk of meat and threw it at Simon, forcing him to eat.
What does Maurice pretend to be? the pig
What does Ralph decide to do at the end of the chapter? he decides to have a meeting

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