lord of the flies chapter 4

what haev the luttluns grown usee to because of their eating habits? stomach aches
who are the 3 boys building sand castles? henry, johnny, and percival
who is the leader of the 3 boys? percival
why is pervial the leader of the 3 boys? hes the oldest of all 3 of them
who cries and why? percival because maurice and roger destroyed their sand castles
of what duty haev roger and maurice just been releived of? the fire
what does maurice feel guilty of? getting sand in percivals eye
what catches henry’s interest on the beach? the creatures in the ocean
what almost hits roger? nuts
what keeps roger from throwing stones at henry? the protection of the law and parents
what is jack doing to himself and why? he is camouflaging himself to hide from the pig
who all is with jack in the forest? the hunters
what is a strange detail of piggys hair? its growing
what does piggy suggest making, that ralph ignores? a sun dial
what does ralph see in the distance? smoke
what happened to the smoke on the mountain? how does ralph react? it disappears; he gets angry
what does jack return with? a pig
what do the boys chant upon their return? kill the pig, cut its throat, and to spill its blood
what happens to piggy after he yells at jack for letting the fire go out? jack punches piggy
who gives piggy his piece of meat? simon
what does maurice pretend to be? the pig
what does ralph decide to do at the end of the chapter? he decides to have a meeting
Which three littluns are playing on the beach as the chapter opens? Percival, Henry, and Johnny
Who destroys the littluns’ sandcastles? Roger and Maurice destroy the sandcastles.
What does Roger do to cruelly bother Henry? Roger throws rocks at Henry and then hides
What substances and colors does Jack use to paint his face Jack uses clay and charcoal to paint his face white, red, and black.
What item does Piggy suggest they build with a stick? Piggy suggests they build a sundial.
What does Ralph spot on the horizon? Ralph spots a passing ship.
Why is the signal fire out? The signal fire is out because the hunters have elected to follow the camouflaged Jack after a pig rather than tend the fire.
What violence does Jack commit toward Piggy? Jack punches Piggy in the stomach and smacks him in the head, breaking his glasses.
How did the hunters kill the pig? Jack cuts the pig’s throat.
Who gives Piggy meat despite Jack’s objection? Simon shares his roasted pig with Piggy.

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