Lord of The Flies Chapter 3 Study Guide

What was Jack compared to when double bent? A sprinter ready for a race and a dog when looking at the tracks since he was on all fours
Describe Jack now that he’s been on the island for a while Sandy hair, considerably longer and lighter now, bare back a mass of dark freckles and peeling sunburn, pair of tattered shorts with knife belt, and blue eyes
What was Jack holding in his arm to hunt? A five foot sharpened stick
What was more oppressive than the heat? The silence of the jungle
What made a noise in the jungle? A gaudy bird when Jack roused it
What did Jack becomes less of and more of when he heard the bird? Less of a hunter and more like a gorilla
What was an indication of an animal nearby? Warm droppings, olive green, smooth, and steamed a little
What did the trail join? A pig run which meant that there were gonna be pigs
What did Jack throw into the pig run? His spear and he missed
What did Jack want when he got back to Ralph? Water
What is Ralph doing on the beach when Jack returns? Building crude shelters
Where do the boys keep the water? In coconut shells
How many shelters have the boys built? Two, but they were shaky
What happened when Ralph lifted the branch with leaves to the hut? It fell down and crashed
What are the littleuns doing? Nothing, along with some of the older ones
Who has Ralph been working with? Simon
How does the typical meeting go? Ralph blows the conch, they come running, someone would say to build a jet, submarine, or a TV set, they would work for five minutes, then run off
What does Jack want food wise? Meat
What is Ralph suggesting when he questions what Jack is doing? Its useless
Why are the boys building shelters? For protection from the rain and for the littleuns because they have nightmares, talk and scream
What does Simon say about the beast? It’s real and they have banned the word snake
What does Jack feel when he is in the forest? He’s not hunting but he’s being hunted, something behind him at all times
What was the reason that Jack had to think for a moment? He forgot what rescue was, he’s either having fun on the island or wants to stay
Why did Jack point to the mountain? He assumes that the pigs have to lie there when it gets hot
What did Ralph and Jack think Simon went/did? Went to take a bath
Why did Jack agree with Ralph when he said that Simon was funny? For the sake of agreeing on something
What did Jack do to relieve his stress? Take a bathe with Ralph
Where did Jack go after the bath? He went to the mountains to catch a pig
What did Simon do when the boys went up the mountain? Stopped and then went to the acres of fruit trees where the littleuns begged for fruit
Where did Simon go? To a spot with lots of sunlight and a great mat to sit on

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