Lord of the Flies Chapter 3 Questions

What weapons does Jack use to hunt the pig? Jack uses a spear to hunt the pig.
Is he successful in his hunt? Jack is unsuccessful in his hunt, he lets the pig escape.
What does Jack find Ralph and Simon doing when he returns from the hunt? Jack discovers Ralph and Simon building huts.
Why does Ralph think they need shelters? Ralph claims the boys need shelter from the rain and the beast.
Ralph complains that nobody is helping to build the shelters. What does Simon suggest that Ralph do about it? Simon suggests that Ralph tell the boys off.
What is Jack’s reason for hunting? Jack goes hunting to bring the boys meat.
What feeling does Jack experience when he is hunting alone? When hunting alone, Jack experiences madness.
Does Ralph feel that they are creating a good signal fire? No, Ralph claims that the signal fire lacks smoke.
Where does Simon go after the argument between Jack and Ralph? Simon goes to a cabin that he had discovered in the woods.
What does Simon do for the littluns who follow him into the jungle? Simon grabs fruit for the littluns from the trees.

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