Lord of the Flies – Chapter 3

Describe Jack. What is he wearing? What looks different now from when he first arrived on the island? What is Jack doing? He is wearing tattered shorts. Now he has sun burns, longer and lighter hair. He is hunting for pigs.
Why does Jack want the boys to paint their faces? To be able to sneak up on the pigs while hunting.
What are Ralph and Simon doing? They are building the shelters/huts.
What is Ralph upset by? Jack’s obsession with hunting all of the time and he won’t help build the shelters. The lit tuns just run off and play.
What are Ralph’s feelings about meetings? He feels that the kids just come and ask for stuff.
Describe the conflict between Jack and Ralph after Ralph says, “When the meeting is over they’d work for five minutes, then wander off or go hunting.” Jack says that we need meat but Ralph says that we need shelter.
Jack says he could have killed a pig if they could make what? Barbs on the spear head.
There are two reasons why Ralph thinks it is really important to have shelter. What are they? 1) If it rains then they will be dry2) It will protect them from the “snake-thing”, they will fell more comfort.
Of what are the children still afraid? The Beastie
What are Jack’s thoughts on rescue? He’ll love to be rescued but he wants to kill a pig first.
Where must the pigs be hiding during the hot day? High up in the shade of the trees.
What is no longer mentionable? Why?
Where do Jack and Ralph assume Simon is? They think that Simon is taking a bath.
Where is Simon really? What is he doing? He went deep into the jungle by himself, he’s in this thick part of the jungle. He found a little secret hiding place. He’s just sitting there enjoying the quietness from everything else.

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