Lord of the Flies, Chapter 2: Key Themes and Quotes

‘hands up’ civilisation
‘conch’ symbol of democracy
Littlun: ‘snake-thing’,’beastie’ first mention of the beast/religious connotations
Jack: ‘if there is a snake we’d hunt it and kill it’ undermining Ralph’s authority, using fear to make him powerful; civility vs savagery
‘fire’ symbolism of the boys’ hope of being rescued
Piggy: ‘where is he now?’ the missing boy; first death
‘[the murmur] died away’ foreshadowing of death
‘the crowd was as silent as death after hearing about the missing boy
‘the boys looked at each other fearfully, unbelieving’ they don’t care as much as they should for the deceased
‘the forest was savage with smoke and flame’ savagery vs. civility
Jack: ‘we’re not savages. We’re English.’ Irony, savagery vs. civility

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