Lord of the Flies, Chapter 12 Review

Who does Ralph talk to at the beginning of the chapter? Samneric
What does Ralph find while wandering in the jungle? A pig skull that the hunters left.
What foolish thing does Jack’s tribe do to the forest? They light it on fire to try to kill Ralph.
What happens at the end of the chapter? A ship finds the island and the boys all weep.
What do Samneric say to Ralph when he asks what they are going to do to him? They say; “‘Roger sharpened a stick at both ends'” (Golding, 190).
What does the officer say when he sees the boys painted with clay and holding their spears? He just says; “‘Fun and games,'” (Golding, 200).
What does Ralph say when the officer asks who the leader on the island is? Ralph says; “‘I am'” (Golding, 201).
What is the significance of Ralph punching and destroying the pig skull? It shows that he has chosen not to submit to the savagery and he won’t embrace the evil within him like the other boys have.
What do Samneric mean when they say that Roger sharpened a stick on both ends? That Jack wants to put Ralph’s head on a stick like the pigs’ heads.
What theme is shown when Ralph says, “‘No. They’re not as bad as that. It was an accident,'” (Golding, 184). Traumatic experiences cause people to turn to denial.

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