Lord of the Flies Chapter 12

what do samneric tell ralph all the boys are going to do the next day? They’re going to do you
what can you infer Roger and Jack intend to do with the stick that sharpened at both ends? theyre going to put his head on the stick like they did with the sow’s head
what happens to sameric after ralph leaves? cries of pain
what are the 2 methods that the boys use to get ralph out of the hiding spot rolling boulders and setting the forest on fire
how were the boys communicating jungle cries
what 2 options did ralph think he had for escape climbing tree of bursting the line
what happens to the island that turns out to be good the fire was good because thats how they were noticed and rescued.
who says he is boss when the officer asks? Ralph
The british officer says, “i should have thought that a pack of british boys…would have been able to put up a better show than that.” what does he mean? ow is this hypocritical? The naval officer had the belief that the boys would be able to sustain themselves successfully on the island. He thought they would work together to get themselves saved. In his mind, they should have conducted and behaved themselves better. However, he himself is coming from a corrupt society. In the book, it is mentioned some sort of war is occurring in Britain. Being a naval officer, he is apart of that war, and not living up to the same expectation he set for the boys.

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