Lord of the Flies Chapter 11

Although it is totally ineffective, what does Piggy urge Ralph to do? Piggy tells Ralph to blow the conch and call an assembly
what reason does piggy say he is going to give Jack for why he should give him back his glasses? that jacks superior but its the right thing to give him back his glasses
what does piggy suggest they can do with their hair comb their hair and tie it back
what is ralph’s response to this suggestion they’ll look like girls and they should go as they are
what does ralph do once at the entrance of the castle rock he blows the conch
what does ralph call jack that angers him? a thief
what happens in response to ralph calling jack this name? Jack stabs ralph in the chest with the unsharpened end of a spear
what happens to samneric they’re forced to join Jack’s tribe
what happens to piggy piggy is killed with the boulder
what happens to ralph ralph was hit with a thrown spear then had a to run away, being left alone.

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