Lord Of The Flies- Chapter 1 Review Questions

How are ralph and piggy different? Ralph- natural born leaderPiggy- learning how to be a leader
Why are we not given their names first? We are given the imagery first so we can form our own thoughts about the character
How does the language in the first few paragraphs hint at the strangeness and terror if the island? It shows little they know about the island and how the unknown is scary
What hints are we given about what has happened to the boys? We are given clues that they were in a plane wreck through the distroughtness and how the boys are scattered all over the “island”
How are ralph and piggy different? Ralph- natural born leaderPiggy- learning how to be a leader
Who makes the first leadership decisions and what are they? Piggy
Between ralph and piggy, who is clever? Piggy is clever because he gives the ideas.
What are your first impressions of Jack? My first impression of jack is that he is cocky, strong-willed, scary, confident, full of himself, scary, all talk, strict, skinny, red-haired,
Why doesn’t Piggy ask for the names of the choirboys? Jack already knows all there names. He’s afraid of them because they’re all dressed up and marching in formation.
What are Jack’s reasons for why he should be chief? Do you think these are valid reasons? Jack thought that since he was the leader of the choir, and can sing a C sharp that he should be chief
Why do you think Piggy is not considered to be chief? Because of his appearance. Piggy doesn’t look like a leader; the boys didn’t want a fat, short boy to be chief.
What reasons are given for why Ralph is voted chief? Do you think that this is a good choice? Ralph is still and calm, he is a fair boy with a good build, and he is powerful because of the conch
Which word tells us that although Piggy voted for Ralph, he didn’t really want to? Why might this be? When the boys were voting it is stated that everyone raised their hands immediately when Ralph’s name was called, except for Piggy’s, but then is says that he too raised his hand grudgingly in the air.
How does Ralph show leadership skills once he has been made chief? Give two examples from the novel. He uses the conch as a symbol of order and raises it for peoples attention, he chooses boys to go with him on an expedition to see what’s on the island, he tells piggy to take names
Why is Jack unable to stab the piglet at the end of the chapter? -He was looking for a place to stab it.-He is a coward -If you kill a pig you kill a human there both flesh.-Unbearable blood-The minute he stabs it they have crossed the line from society to savagy

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