Lord of the flies Chapter 1 questions

How do the boys become to be on the island their plane crashed
The setting of the story a deserted island in the middle of nowhere
How does ralph react to the realization that there are no adults on the island Happy, because he can do whatever he wants.
How does ralph demonstrate his child-like faith when he speaks of his father on page 11 That his dad is in the navy and is gonna rescue them.
How does pig interject reality in the scene says his dad isn’t going to rescue them. everyone else is dead.
The conch shell represents communication and unity, piggy knows everything about it and how to work it but Ralph is the only one who can blow in it to make it work.
What is Goldings point when he write, “The children gave him (Ralph) the same simple obedience that they had given the men with the megaphone. Sees him as a leader/ the power on the island
Describe Jack when he emerges from the choir wearing- dark cloak, looks mysterious, hoodsLooks- tall, red hair, freckles, thin, blue eyes, ugly
How do the boys react to the discovery of the pig? Happy, shocked.
How does golding let the reader know that the island is not paradise? talks about the creepers
What conclusion do Ralph, Jack, and Simon reach after their investigation of the island? That they are the only living people
What differences are apparent about Ralph and Piggy Ralph fits in piggy doesn’t
What do piggy and the boy with the birthmark have in common? They are both flawed
How is Piggy shown as being the most closely tied to the world of grownups/ He’s realistic, makes lists, knows his place
What does Ralph’s revelation about Piggy’s name suggest about the basic nature of young people? That people are cruel and don’t care whose feelings they hurt.
Why is the chapter titles “sound of the shell” its what unifies them

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