Lord of the Flies Chapter 1-12

Ralph Handsome, Athletic, Natural leader, Fair boy, Chief of island,
Piggy Very intelligent, Physically less than perfect fat boy, A reader and thinker rather than a boy of action, Fat boy, Glasses, Asthma
Simon Poetic, Sensitive, Loner, Rather mysterious boy, The boy who fainted
Jack Choir leader, “Ugly without silliness”, Leader of the hunters
Sam & Eric Identical twin as if later known as Samneric, They were one
Maurice Choir boy as big Jack, Always Smiling “Grinning all the time”
Roger Secretive, “Slight, furtive boy” who later shows a natural tendency towards cruelty, The dark boy
“The littluns” Name given to the numerous little children of the group
How did the boys happen to come to the island? These school boys have been ejected from a flaming airplane. It appears no adults have survived the crash.
What do the boys have that is symbols of authority in the society they form? The conch shell is the symbol of authority. It shows who is boss and who has the right to speak.
What does the reader learn about Jack when he slashed the green candle buds? Jack’s method of dealing with the world seems to be violent.
Why does Jack hesitate when he lifts his knife to kill the piglet, and what does he promise will happen next time he meets a pig? It is hard for Jack to kill living things because he was showing his mercy. Jack did not kill the pig because he did not want to. But next time Jack will kill the pig and is going to show no mercy.
Who are the hunters, and what is their job? The choir boys have become hunters. Their job is to get food.
What does a little ‘um think he has seen in the forest? He thinks he has seen a “Snake-thing” which he later calls “Bestie.”
How and why do the boys make fire? The boys make a fire to act as a signal for their reuse. They use Piggy’s glasses as burning glass to start the fire with the sun’s rays.
Why does the boys’ plan for rescue fail? The boys did not have a well-thought-out plan. They used too much wood for a small, controllable fire, and they never thought of a way to control the fire to keep it from getting out of hand. Most of their available fire wood was burned up, making keeping the fire going much more difficult.
Although Ralph criticizes the boys for their lack of cooperation, does he bear some of the responsibility for the failures of the group to achieve its goals? Why or Why not? Ralph is partially responsible for their failures. He wants the boys to work and help from a civilized society of the island, but he doesn’t know how to motivate them to do so.
How has Jack’s personality developed during his stay on the island? Jack has degenerated from a superficially civilized school boy to a near animal level. He learned to kill, yet he too is learning the vest difference between imagining himself a hunter and actually killing a living creature.
Ralph says of Simon, “He’s queer. He’s funny.” What kind of a boy is Simon? Simon is one of Ralph’s most loyal and helpful workers. Yet, when he has some free time, he goes of by himself to find a place to be quiet and to think. Society, like the boys, distrusts those who are loners.
After Maurice and Roger destroy the littleuns’ sand castles, Roger stalks the young boy names Henry. When he begins to throw stones, why does he just throw them near him instead of directly at him? The old laws of church and school and family still hold him back.
What causes the hunters, who had promised to keep the fire burning, to neglect it and allow it to go out? They felt that killing the pig (short term goal of eating) was more important than keeping the fire going as a signal (long term goal to be saved). Savages can not deal with long-term goals. They only live in the present, for instant gratification of their immediate needs.
Why does Jack paint his face? Jack’s paint his face with clay paint to camouflage himself and become an anonymous savage.
How does the author show us that Ralph is finally beginning to face the realities of their existence? Ralph is dirty, have tangle hair and the clothes are getting rip and uncomfortable.
What are the rules that the boys made for living on the island? 1. You can not talk unless you have the Conch Shell.2. You have to walk around with a buddy. 3. Keep the fire going. 4. Use the restroom by the rocks.5. You must bring food to the fire. You can not bring the fire down.
Compare Ralph’s treatment of the littluns with Jacks. Ralph is nice and he calms the litteuns down. Jack scare the littleuns.
What is Simon saying when he thinks the “beast” may be inside they boys themselves? Simon thinks it is the dark side of the human.
What do Sam and Eric tell the boys they have seen? What is it really? It is the died pilot.
Why do Ralph and Jack decide to go find the beast? Ralph and Jake decide to go find the beast to face their fears.
When the boar comes bounding along the path, how does Ralph react? Ralph reaction was that he throw his spear at him but the boar still come running after him.
What happened when Ralph was demonstrating what he did to the Boar? Ralph did a reenactment and got out of control and speared Robert in the butt.
What us the “thing” that the boys see on the tope of the mountain? It is a boar because it saw it lifting his head. It was weird. They think it was not the cape or rock. It looks like a great ape.
As we continue reading, the setting of the story seems to be taking place more in the dark where there is little light. Why is this? The dark represent evil. They are having more problems and flights.
How does Ralph’s decreasing confidence in himself show in his words and actions? Ralph confidence is decreasing because he said “I do not know” when people ask questions to him. Ralph bites his fingernails and play with hair.
How does Jack manage to otherthrow Ralph’s authority, even though that he is not able to get the boys to vote Ralph out as Chief? Jack left Ralph tribe. Jack is not playing this game anymore. This is serious and we need to survive. Jack left and started his own tribe. Ralph is doing a bad job.
Where do the boys think Simon is? Where is he really? The boys think that Simon is climbing a mountain but he is really went off to a secret place.
What is Jacks suggestions to keep the beast happy? After each kill Jack is going to gave some of the meat to the beast so the beast can be happy.
Tell about the encounter Simon had with the Lord of the Flies. Simon is hallucinating because he is hungry. The beast is inside him. The beast said There is no reason to kill the beast because it can not be dead. It is saying that it is the dark side of human.
What represents the Lord of the Flies? The dead pig head on the stick and it is evil which represents the Lord of the Flies.
What does Simon discover about the beast? Simon went up the hill to see what the beast is. Simon discover that the beast is the dead pilot.
When Simon tries to tell the group of his findings, what happens? Simon came running down from the hill and tripped over the rock. But then the kids thought that Simon was the beast so they killed Simon by using the sticks. It was nighttime.
As the great wave moved farther along the island, and they water lifted, what happened to Simon and the Beast? Simon and the Beast went in the ocean because the tide went up.
What do Ralph and Piggy realize at the beginning of chapter 10? Ralph and Piggy realize that they killed Simon.
When Jack and his tribe realize they don’t have fire to cook the meat, what do they plan to do? Jack’s plan is going to steal the fire from Ralph and his tribe.
What does Jack say he will do if someone interferes with him? Jack said that they will do their dance again which means that they are going to kill him.
Who attacked Piggy, Ralph, Sam, & Eric? What did they take? Jack and his group attack Ralph’s tribe and took Piggy’s glasses.
What happened to the twins when the four boys went to get Piggy’s glasses from Jack? Jack and his tribe capture the twins and tied them up.
What happens to the conch and to Piggy? Jack tribe push a rock and mad the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments. Also the rock hit Piggy and made him fall for forty feet. He landed in the sea on his back on a square red rock. The rock made his head spilt open and then he dies.
What are Jack’s plans for Ralph? Jack’s plan is to hunt down Ralph.
What does Ralph do when the tribe starts throwing spears at him? Ralph runs away from the tribe.
What does Ralph do when he sees something standing in the center of the clearing in the forest? Ralph see the pig’s skull and it is smiling at him. When Ralph see the Pig skull Ralph punch the skull. It broke in half and it was still smiling at him.
When Sam and Eric see Ralph, they warn him of something, what is it? Sam and Eric warns Ralph that Jack’s tribe is going to hunt Ralph down. Roger sharpen his sword on both side.
Tell the ways that the tribe tries kill Ralph. One way that Jack’s tribe tries to kill Ralph is using a rock. The second way that Jack’s tribe tries to kill Ralph is to set the forest on fire to smoke Ralph out.
How is Ralph Saved? A Officer saved Ralph.
How did the person who saved Ralph find him? The Officer found them because he saw the fire.

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