Lord of the Flies (Chapter 1)

How did the boys end up on the jungle island? Plane crash
Describe Ralph’s physical features. Fair hair, wearing a school uniform, and has the body shape of a boxer
What was Ralph’s reaction to being on the island? He was excited that there were no adults
Describe Piggy’s physical features. Shorter than Ralph, very fat, and wears glasses
What was Piggy’s reaction to being on the island? He is very unhappy about the whole thing
How does Ralph respond to Piggy’s practical suggestions to have a meeting? He keeps ignoring them
How does Ralph think they will be rescued? His dad will come when he gets leave from the Navy
What had Piggy overheard the pilot saying? That an atomic bomb killed them all
How does Ralph attract the other boys on the island? What does he do? Blows in a conch
How do the younger boys act when they get there? They get up there, sit down, and Piggy asks them their names (excited and constantly moving)
Describe the way Jack and his band of choirboys looked as they came toward the assembled group? They acted like they were all big and knew what was happening, all in black togs, in a line, and had silver and gold badges
How does Jack treat the others? He is rude and tries to rule over them
What conflict soon arises? They need a leader
How is it solved? They vote
What does Ralph do to make Jack feel better? Makes him ruler of his choir and calls them hunters, they will fight/hunt
What is the purpose of the expedition of Jack, Ralph, and Simon? To see whether or not they were on an island and to see if they were alone
How does Simon describe the unusual buds on the bushes? Like green candles
Why hadn’t Jack been able to kill the pig? He couldn’t because he didn’t want to hurt it

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