Lord of the Flies – Ch. 8 quiz

Who blows the conch at the beginning of chapter eight? Jack
Why does Jack get angry at the beginning of the chapter? Jack is furious to find out that Simon has betrayed him, and has given Ralph clues to the whereabouts of the Beast.
What does Jack ask the group to vote on? the littleuns are eventually persuaded to follow Jack to the big black rock.
Where does Jack tell his new tribe that they will move to? The big black rock, since it is strategically the best place to see potential threats.
Who voted Ralph shoud not be leader? only jack voted that way
What is the hunters new name? Jack’s Tribe
The group of boys looked at it with affectionate respect. What is it? the conch shell
Who said it? “We’ll hunt and I’m going to be chief.” Jack said it to the hunters
Who said it? “I think we ought to climb the mountain” Simon

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