Lord of the Flies – Ch. 11: Castle Rock

What is it that Samneric fear about the savages’ warpaint? They understand that the painted faces allow the savages to do things Jack and the hunters would not ordinarily do: “the liberation into savagery that the concealing paint brought. ” (Pg. 172)
What does Piggy’s speech reveal about his lack of understanding of life on the island? Piggy believes Jack will respond to logical argument, persuasion, and do what is right and return the glasses.
Why does Ralph refuse to paint their faces? He refuses “because we aren’t savages. ” (Pg. 172)
Trace the progression of Roger’s savagery in this chapter. He begins by throwing a stone at Samneric but aims to miss. With this act, “some source of power began to pulse in Rogers body. ” (Pg. 175) He then throws rocks at Piggy and Ralph. In an instant he purposely dislodges the large rock that kills Piggy and, finally, he throws a spear at Ralph.
Describe the changes in the depiction of the conch. How is Piggy portrayed at the moment of his death? The conch begins as the continued symbol of authority, then has one of Piggy’s tears on it; it then is reverentially handled and carried carefully. At Castlerock it is white and magical, a “talisman, the fragile, shining beauty.” Shattered by the rock, it “exploded into 1000 white fragments and ceased to exist.” (Pgs. 168-18) Piggy is compared to his alter ego, the pig: “Piggy’s arms and legs twitched a bit like a pig’s after it has been killed. ” (Pg 18)
What dichotomy does Piggy point out to the hunters? he asks which is better; savagery, hunting and killing, or sensibility, stability, and rescue.
The last sentence states: “Roger advanced upon them [Samneric] as one wielding anameless authority.” What is the “nameless authority” that clings to Roger? He is the tribal executioner and he relishes his job. Additionally, he has “only just” missed pushing Jack, which indicates a potential future power struggle, were they to remain in the island much longer.
How does the tribe respond to Piggy’s death? Piggy dies when the dislodged rock knocks him over the side of the cliff. Rather than feeling guilty about Piggy’s death, it seems to make the savages even more bloodthirsty.

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