Lord of the Flies: Ch. 10 – The Shell and the Glasses

Piggy says that the killing of Simon was an accident, not murder and that they are not to blame. To what extent do you think this is true? While it was not an accident, and they were, as Piggy said, frightened and worked up by the dance and the storm, the boys knowingly killed Simon. Even Ralph participated. Calling it accidental is simply a rationalization.
When Ralph says, “I’m frightened. Of us,” what does he mean that frightens him? He realizes that it was the savagery within themselves that caused him and them, to kill Simon. His realization of the savagery they are capable of is what frightens him. What could happen from now is particularly hideous (ugly), considering that they have deliberately murdered one of their own.
Are Sam, Eric, Ralph and Piggy being truthful about killing Simon? What is Jack’s rationale? No. They claim they did not witness or take part in the murder, but they’re hesitant behavior and fear say otherwise.
What is an example of Jack’s abuse of power? What words are used to emphasize the hunter’s sociological status? He decides to have Wilfred tied up and beaten for not parent reason. Golding uses “chief, ” “naked,” “tribe,” and “savage.” They even live in a cave like prehistoric beings.
What trappings of religion do Jack and the boys seem to have appropriated? They are willing to believe in the idea of a powerful and angry figure, the beast, that can be propitiated (calmed) with offerings from any kill they make; this thing can take on many shapes and cannot be killed; in its presence a ritual dance can be done so possibly safe oneself; it seems to have a sacred spot that cannot be approach, the top of the mountain.
How can this type of behavior and thinking be explained? Like early man, which is what they have become, they are trying to make their fears and torments manageable by providing explanations from their imaginations, because they cannot find rational explanations.
In the raid, why are Piggy’s glasses taken but not the shell? The conch is only a symbol of authority and has power only when the society agrees that it does. For Jack, the shell is, now, only a shell. The glasses, however, give him real power because he’s the only one with the ability to start fire. “He was a chief now, in truth. ” (Page 168)

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