Lord of the Flies Ch. 1-6 review

Who is the author of the novel? William Golding
What is the nationality of the author and characters? British
What is the name of the first character presented in the novel? Ralph
What color is Ralph’s hair? Blonde
What does the author call the hole that the plane crash has made in the jungle? The scar
What is the name of the boy Ralph first meets? Piggy
What is a basic description of Piggy’s physical features? Short, fat, glasses, asthma
How did the boys arrive on the island? Plane crash
How does Ralph respond to the discovery that there are no adults on the island? He stands on his head
What condition does Piggy suffer from? Asthma and myopia
How old is Ralph? 12
What is the first thing Ralph does on the island? Takes his clothes off
What is Ralph’s fathers occupation? Commander in the Navy
What does Piggy reveal happened in the war while their plane was going down? there was a nuclear attack on England
Who did Piggy live with before boarding school? His aunt
What do two of the boys find on the beach that later becomes very important in the group meetings? A conch shell
What is Piggy’s idea involving the conch? Blow it like a trumpet
What are the names of the two identical twin boys on the island? Sam and Eric
What type of clothing is the choir originally wearing? Togs or long black cloacks
Who is the leader of the choir that questions who blew the trumpet? Jack Merridew
What does Jack physically look like? Ugly with red hair
What happens to one of the boys in the choir while they are standing at attention in the heat? He faints; a seizure
What is that boys name? Simon
How does Ralph betray Piggy at the first assembly? He tells everyone his name (Piggy)
What are the three reasons Jack gives for why he should be chief? 1-He’s the head boy2-He’s the chief chorister3-He can sing a C sharp
How do the boys decide who will be chief? They vote, and Ralph is holding the conch
What does Jack decide is the new occupation for his choir boys? Hunters
Which three boys go out to explore the island? Ralph, Jack, and Simon
What’s Piggys job while the other three boys are gone? Take names of the littluns
What task do the boys accomplish as they climb the mountain? Push a rock off the ledge
What remark does Ralph make when they reach the top of the mountain? “This island belongs to us”
What does Simon compare the flowers to as the boys travel through the jungle? Candles
As they explore, what do the boys find “caught in a curtain of creepers”? A pig
What reason does Jack have for not killing the pig? he couldn’t find a spot to stab it
What do the boys decide is the best way to keep order at the meetings? Only talk if you have the conch
What is distinct about the appearance of the young boy who claims to have seen the beastie? he has a birthmark on his face
What time of day does he claim to have seen the beast? Nighttime
What does Ralph consistently insist during this particular discussion? That there isn’t a beast
Ralph makes a two-fold mission statement. What are the two parts? They want to have fun and get rescued
What does Ralph insist they must do in order to be rescued? Make a fire at the top of the mountain
What phrase does Piggy use to describe the way the kids are acting? “like a bunch of kids”
What do the boys use to start the fire? Piggy’s glasses
Who does piggy notice is missing after the wildfire spreads? The boy with the birthmark
Chapter 3 opens with a character hunting in the jungle. Who is it? Jack
What animal is the character hunting for? A pig
What is Ralph doing when Jack returns? Trying to build shelter
Who is the only child still helping Ralph? Simon
Ralph complains about all their meetings. Why is he frustrated? Nothing gets accomplished
What is Jack concerned about other than shelters? Hunting
What is the main reason Ralph gives for wanting to build shelters? The littluns are scared at night
What feeling does Jack get when he’s in the jungle? That he is being hunted
What does Jack say he would like to do before the boys get rescued. Kill a pig
As Ralph and Jack talk, Jack suddenly yells, “Got it!” What does Ralph think he is talking about? A ship
What Christ-like action dose Simon perform as he goes into the jungle? He picks down fruit for the littluns
What type of place does Simon find in the jungle? A room made from creepers
In chapter 4, what does the extreme heat cause the boys to see? Mirages
What generic title is given to the smaller boys on the island? Littluns
Which three particular small boys are playing in the sand? Henry, Percival, and Johnny
Which two older boys come and destroy the littluns sand castles? Roger and Maurice
What is Henry doing that is equally as cruel as Roger throwing stones? Poking at the small sea creatures
What prevents Roger from hitting Henry with the stones? Civilization
What do Jack’s two large leaves contain that will help the boys hunt? Dyed clay for their faces
What does Piggy think they should try to make that Ralph knows is ridiculous? A sundial
What does Ralph see on the horizon? A ship
What boy first realizes that they dont have any smoke from the fire? Piggy
What are the hunters chanting as they return from their hunt? “Kill the beast. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.”
What is Jack doing (symbolically) when he smears pig’s blood on his forehead? Self-initiation into his tribe
How is Jack both a success and failure in chapter 4? He kills a pig but lets the fire go out
What does Jack do to Piggy in response to Piggy condemning him for forgetting the fire? Hits him in the face and breaks his glasses
What threat does Piggy make against Jack for doing this? “Just you wait!”
What does Jack apologize for in chapter 4? Letting the fire go out
What is Jack’s true reason for rebuilding the fire? To cook his pig
What is Jack’s fake reason for not giving piggy any meat? He did not help hunt
Which boy pretends to be the pig in this particular dance? Maurice
What is Ralph’s response to this dance? He calls an assembly
What does Ralph realize has to be different about this assembly compared to all the others? It can’t be fun, but business
What does Ralph admire about Piggy? His ability to think
The dark lights the boys’ face differently. The difference causes Ralph to ask two questions? What was a face? What was anything?
What issues does Ralph raise at the assembly? Toilets, shelter, the beast, fire, and water
In general, what does Jack say about the beast and the littluns? They’re both useless
What reasons does Piggy give for why the beast cannot possibly exist? The world is modern with TV and space travel
What is the name of the boy who shares his dream about the beast? Phil
Why is Simon really out in the jungle at night? He is in his room
When Percival comes forward, what does Ralph suddenly remember when looking at him? The boy with the birthmark
What part of his “name” does Percival forget? His telephone number
Who stops the younger boys from crying by acting silly? Maurice
Where does Percival finally say the beast comes from? the sea
Simon tries to tell the boys what he thinks the beast might be. What does one boy say he thinks he means? A ghost
What question does Ralph ask and receive an almost unanimous answer for? Who thinks there might be ghosts?
What important statement does Ralph say to answer Jack as to why they must have rules? The rules are all they have
When the boys run off, what reason does Ralph give for not blowing the conch? If he blows it, they won’t come back
In chapter 6, what “message” comes from the adult world at night? The parachutist fell from the sky
What two boys are tending the fire and believe they see the beast? Sam and Eric
What does Jack immediately decide they will do about the beast? Hunt and kill it
How does Ralph insult Jack and his hunters? He calls them boys with sticks
Why does Jack say they do not need the conch anymore? They know who should speak
What do the boys decide to look for the beast since it is the only unexplored place on the island? Castle Rock
Who do the boys elect to stay behind? Piggy
Why does Jack like Castle Rock? Its a great place for a fort
What does Ralph force the other boys to do instead of playing on Castle Rock? Continue to look for the beast
As the boys journey towards the mountain, what does Ralph plan in his mind? His toilet
What joking question does Ralph ask when Simon assures him that he will make it all back all right? “Do you have a ship in your pocket?”
On the way to the mountain, the boys get slightly sidetracked doing what? Hunting a pig
As the boys hunt, what does Ralph start dreaming about? His childhood home
How does Ralph behave after the encounter with the pig? Like a savage
As the boys reenact the hunt, what boy pretends to be the pig and gets hurt doing so? Robert
What three things do other boys suggest using to make the game more realistic? A drum, fire, and a pig
Instead of a real pig, what does Jack suggest using in the game? The littluns
As Ralph thinks about what to do, what game does the author tell us he would not be very good at? Chess
Who volunteers to travel back across the island to tell Piggy what’s happening? Simon
What question does Ralph ask Jack that causes great unease in the boys and also has tremendous meaning? “Why do you hate me?”
When the boys reach the mountain, which three boys go up to look for the beast? Ralph, Jack, and Roger
What causes the boys’ eyes to burn and make them cough as they go up the mountain? The ashes from the fire
Where exactly are they walking through at this point? The burned section from the first fire
Who goes up the mountain first and sees “a thing bulge on the mountain”? Jack
What animal does the author compare the parachutist to? An ape
What does Ralph once again rudely call the hunters once they have returned to the beach? Boys with sticks
What does Jack do after Ralph insults the hunters? Calls an assembly and says that he wants to be chief
What does Jack attempt to do during the assembly? Impeach Ralph
What are some of the reasons Jack gives as to why Ralph is not a proper chief? Like Piggy, he’s a coward and cant hunt
What emotional response does Jack have when the boys refuse to vote against Ralph? Embarrassed
What exactly does Jack say before running away from the other boys? “I’m not going to play any longer.”
What does Simon suggest that the other boys do? Climb the mountain
What idea does Piggy have that gives the boys excitement and a purpose? Build a fire on the beach
What type of wood does Piggy fetch to help build the fire? Damp and rotten wood
What happens to the bigguns while they are supposed to be gathering firewood? They leave and join Jacks tribe
What do Piggy and the twins do to cheer up Ralph? Bring him fruit
What does Jack state is the primary concern for his new tribe? Hunting
What is his new tribe going to do about the beast? Forget about it
Which pig do the boys select as their choice for the kill? The mother pig
After the pig is killed, what question does Roger ask Jack? “Now can we make a fire?”
What is Jack’s answer? “We’ll raid them and take the fire.”
What gift do Jack and his hunters leave for the beast? A pig’s head
What insects make the loudest sound while they swarm around the dead pig? Flies
What child has been hiding and witnessing all these events? Simon
As Piggy and Ralph are sitting around talking what does Ralph tell Piggy he is afraid of? He’s scared about not being rescued and of the beast
What does Jack tell the boys about his plans for the evening? They are having a feast
Why is Jack unashamed of his nakedness? His face is painted
What are some of the things the Lord of the Flies says to Simon? Truth, Temptation, and Threat
Why does Simon pass out at the end of Chapter 8? He has a seizure and faints
How did Simon get blood on his face when he awakens? He had a nose bleed
What is Simon’s physical state as he struggles to climb the mountain? He walks as if he is old and weak
How does Simon react when he sees the dead parachutist? He vomits
What emotion does he feel toward the dead man? Fear and sympathy
What does Simon realize he must tell the others as soon as possible? That there is no beast
How does Piggy react when Ralph splashes him with water? He gets really angry
What reason does Piggy give for why he and Ralph should join Jack’s party? To make sure nothing happens.
What does Jack look like when Ralph and Piggy arrive at his party? An idol
What does Jack have to say when Ralph brings up the conch? He mocks them about not having it
Nature interrupts the boys’ argument over who is in charge. What is Jack’s response to this natural force? He tells them to dance
What do the boys begin to chant during the dance? “Kill the beast, cut his throat, spill his blood, do him in.”
What is the thing crawling out of the forest and into the circle of dancers? Simon
What is Simon trying to say as the boys attack him? That there isn’t a beast
What eventually happens to Simon’s body? It floats away in the ocean
Which bigguns are the only ones left in Ralph’s tribe? samNeric and Piggy
What one specific word does Ralph use to describe what happened to Piggy? Murder
What reasons does Piggy give for why the whole thing was an accident? It was dark and raining, and they were dancing, and he was scared.
How does Ralph react when Piggy touches his shoulder? He shudders and pulls away
What excuse do samNeric make up to say why they didn’t participate in Simon’s murder? they left early because they were tired
Which two boys have a conversation at Castle Rock about how Jack is as a chief? Robert and Roger
What is Jack going to do to little Wilfred? Beat him
According to Jack, why did the beast look like Simon? He was in disguise
What is the “double function” of Ralph’s fire? Rescue and hope
Why do samNeric begin to complain to Ralph about the fire? Too much work
What does the voice that the boys hear in the darkness whispering? Jack to Piggy
Besides taking Piggy’s glasses, what does Jack’s tribe do to Ralph’s tribe? Beat them up an tear up their shelter
What did Piggy think the other boys wanted? The conch
What does Piggy insist Ralph do at the beginning of Chapter 11? Blow the conch
What does Ralph suggest they do before they visit Jack’s tribe? Wash up, brush their hair, and get dressed
What do the twins think they should bring with them when they go? Spears
samNeric insist that Jack will be painted. why does they say (Ralph and the twins) will not? “They aren’t savages”
What does Piggy have to remind Ralph about? Why they need a fire
What is the name of the plane on the island where Jack’s tribe lives? Castle Rock
What names does Ralph call Jack that makes him furious? Thief
What does Jack order his tribe to grab? samNeric
How is Piggy killed? He is crushed by a rock
What is “killed” along with Piggy? The conch
Where is Ralph injured when Jack hurls a spear at him? His ribs
Who gives Jack lessons in how to torture samNeric? Roger
What boy does Ralph see in the jungle whose name he knows, who he refers to as “a savage whose image refused to blend with that ancient picture of a boy”? Bill
What does Ralph unconvincingly try to argue with himself when about when he thinks about the savages? They will leave him alone
What does Ralph find as he wanders through the jungle? Lord of the Flies
How does Ralph react when he sees through this object? He destroys it out of fear and rage
Who do the twins say is the real terror in Jack’s tribe? Roger
What is Jack’s plan about what to do to Ralph tomorrow? Hunt and kill him
What do samNeric give Ralph? A piece of the pig
Ralph finally gets the twins to tell him exactly what the plan is. What phrase do the twins say he will hide tomorrow? Roger sharpened a stick at both ends
Where does Ralph say he will hide tomorrow? In a thicket close by
Who does Jack torture in order to get information about Ralph’s hiding place? samNeric
How do the boys first try to get Ralph out of the thicket? Throwing rocks
Eventually, what do the boys do in order to keep Ralph from hiding? Smoke him out
What are the three plans Ralph conceives in order to escape the hunters? 1-Break the line2-Climb a tree3-Hide
Ironically, what caused the Navy to rescue the boys? The saw the fire that was used to smoke out Ralph
What question does the officer ask Ralph to which Ralph replies, “Only two.”? Are there any dead bodies?
What is Percival Wemys Madison not able to tell the officer? His name
What book does the officer compare the boys to? Coral Island
What does Ralph begin to do when he thinks about what has happened? He sobs uncontrolably
What three things does Ralph ultimately weep for? 1-the end of their innocence2-the darkness of mans heart3-the death of Piggy and Simon
The officer is embarrassed by all the crying. What does he turn to look at? The trim cruiser in the distance

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