lord of the flies ch 1

Why does Piggy conclude that no one willknow where they are? Piggy heard the pilot say an atom bomb hadbeen dropped, so all the people at the airportare dead, and no one will know where theyare.
What summons the boys to the beach? Ralph blowing the conch
Who tries to assume the authority? Whathappens? Jack, the other boys reject him and choose Ralph
What effort of conciliation does Ralph maketoward Jack? What does Jack decide his boyswill be? Ralph suggests that Jack remain in charge of hischoir boys.Jack decides his boys will be hunters
What conclusion do Ralph, Jack and Simonreach after their investigation? Ralph, Jack and Simondetermine that they are on anuninhabited island.
What defense does Jack offer for not killingthe piglet? What does he promise? What wasthe real reason he didn’t kill the piglet? Jack says he was waiting to decide where to stabthe piglet and promises he will do it next time. All three boys know he couldn’t stab the pigletbecause of the knife cutting into flesh and theunbearable blood.
The boys discover there are no adults on the island andattempt to model civilization as they know it by electing achief. How effective do you think this effort will be withoutadult supervision? While the boys haveelected a chief, Jack’sdissatisfaction suggeststhere may be friction.
Consider the cause of the conflict between Ralphand Jack. What does Ralph’s effort to appease Jacktell you about his basic character? Is it likely thatJack will be content to play second fiddle to Ralph?Why or why not? Ralph’s effort to appease Jack indicates that Ralphis a considerate, mature boy.• He understands, apparently, that Jack is somewhathumiliated by the boy’s rejections of him as aleader.• In view of Jack’s initial arrogance and selfimportance,it is unlikely that he will be willing todefer to someone else’s orders.
What does Ralph’s revelation about Piggy’s namesuggest to you about the basic nature of youngpeople? Are they intentionally cruel to each other orjust inconsiderate? Explain Some young people are often thoughtless andinsensitive about other people’s feelings.• Probably they are not always intentionally cruel;they simply don’t think before they speak.• Ralph didn’t reveal Piggy’s name to be cruel; infact, he was trying to help by not allowing the boysto label Piggy “Fatty.”
Why do you think the boys chose Ralph astheir leader? Ralph is one of the tallestboys and he has the conchshell.• The boys associate the shellwith the megaphone from theairport and see Ralph as anauthority figure.

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