lord of the flies- ALL CHAPTERS

What is the significance of “The Sound of the Shell”? (chapter 1) It’s titled this because it’s what brings all the boys together. Also, the conch shell represents democracy and unity
What is Ralph’s attitude toward Piggy when he first meets him? (chapter 1) Piggy acted very normally for the situtation, but Ralph judge him and he felt tmore superior. He thought he could control all the power
What is the significance of Piggy’s plea to join the expedition? (chapter 1) He believed he should’ve gone because he was the first one to find Ralph and taught him how to use the shell Piggy was unable to go because of his physical defects; shows the differences in Ralph’s and Jack’s characters
Why is Ralph elected chief? (chapter 1) He is more athletic and better looking than Jack. He had the conch, which made him a symbol of authority
What is the “scar” that is repeatedly mentioned? (chapter 1) It’s the ditch the plane had dug out and the trail of trees. It represents man destroying nature and the boys bringing destruction to the island.
Why is Jack unable to kill the pig? (chapter 1) The enormity of it. It wasn’t in his civilized nature.
How is Jack presented to the reader? (chapter 1) He’s presented as a leader because he leads the entire choir group (this makes him look superior) to the conch shel noise. He is also angry.
Why did Golding use British schoolboys? (chapter 1) They are supposed to be proper and from elite families. It emphasizes their transition from civilized to savage. Golding also used to be a school boy and that helped him write the novel.
How is Piggy revealed as most closely tied to the world of adults? (chapter 1) He talks about his “auntie” and tells the boys to “Quit acting like kids”. This indicates he’s around adults more often than kids, possibly because he’s been rejected.
How is Piggy indirectly responsible for the blowing of the conch? (chapter 1) He tells Ralph how to blow the conch shell.This suggests his intelligence
What questions does the littlun with the birthmark raise? (chapter 2) He asks them what they’re going to do about the “beast”. a big detail is at the end he somehow disappears and tsomething took him.
What do Piggy, Simon, and the littlun with the birthmark have in common? (chapter 1) They are “sane” out of everybody and tries to establish life like the adult world. Also not everyone likes them/respects their opinion.
How do Ralph and Jack answer the question about the beast? (chapter 2) Ralph denies there is a beast (denies evil)/ Jack said if there was a beast, his hunters could kill it.
What is the significance of the chapter’s title “Fire on the mountain”? (chapter 2) The boys’ destruction of the island.
How do they start the fire? (chapter 2) They use Piggy’s specs (last remains of society).
What is the significance of “Huts on the Beach”? (chapter 3) Established society on the island
Why does Ralph scold Jack? (chapter 3) He’s angry that Jack has been hunting while he has been working on the shelters.
What two groups with differing goals are emerging? (chapter 3) Ralph’s side: shelters, rules, order.Jack’s and the hunters: hunting, having fun.
What is the significance of “Painted Faces and Long Hair”? (chapter 4) Savagery and the passage of time on the island
Why does Roger aim just to miss? (chapter 4) He’s been affected by civilization and still has the rules and consequences at the back of his mind. Also, his ego had the memories of being punished.
Why does Jack refuse to give Piggy meat? Jack is hostile toward Piggy and it shows power play.
What definite stand does Ralph make? (chapter 4) He takes a stand against Jack, who let the fire go out as a ship passed by the island.
What is the significance of “Beast from Water”? (chapter 5) Humans are made mostly of water, meaning the beast could be coming from the boys themselves
What is the paradox of the boys’ attitude toward the beast? (chapter 5) The boys fear the beast, yet they seek it out.
Why does Ralph call a meeting? (chapter 5) He wanted to emphasize the necessity of the rules
Why does Piggy discourage Ralph from giving up his position as chief? (chapter 5) He feels like Ralph is their only hope to get rescued and thinks that if Ralph is out of the way, Jack would hurt him. P84, 88
What is the irony of the dead parachutist landing on the mountain? (chapter 6) dramatic: the audience knows that the beast is just the parachutist, but the boys think it’s a monster. P95
Why is Simon the only one to doubt the existence of the beast? (chapter 6) Simon understands that the beast comes out of the boys’ human nature and fear.
Why do Ralph and Jack both insist on going after the beast? (chapter 6) They both want to prove they are brave and earn the boys’ respect.
Why does Jack say that they don’t need the conch any longer? (chapter 6) He’s rejecting the rules and civilization because conch symbolizes government/congress.
Why does Simon tell Ralph that “you” will get back all right? What isn’t he saying? (Chapter 7) Simon knows there is no beast and to make Ralph less nervous and because he likes and respects Ralph. Simon relates to the last supper and sacrifice.
What happens when Ralph wounds the boar? (Chapter 7) When Ralph wounds the boar, Jack is jealous that he did it. He starts to like hunting but the hunters don’t accept him because the boar got away
What uncomfortable question does Ralph ask Jack? (Chapter 7) He asks him why he hates Ralph but he doesn’t get an answer
Why do the boys run from the dead parachutist? (Chapter 7) The boys run because they think it’s the beast
Why do the boys refuse to vote for Jack but slip off and join him? (chapter 8) They voted for Ralph first as he was holding the conch and he had the physical appearance that the younger ones felt would protect and look after them and he had leadership.However, they join Jack later on as the fear of the beast increases as they believe that Jack and the hunters will protect them from the beast. They also didn’t want to hurt Jack’s feelings.
What does Jack tell his new tribe? (chapter 8) Jack tells his newly formed tribe that they will forget the beast, that they aren’t going to bother about it. He also tells them that they are near the end of the island where they won’t dream as much. Then Jack informs them that he wants to attract more of the biguns away from Ralph and the conch so he intends to kill a pig and hold a feast. He is also telling them that he is a dictator.
Why is the killing of the sow discussed in such detail? (chapter 8) The killing of the sow represents the increase of savagery and the decline civilization. This sow then becomes referred to as the Lord of the Flies, as the rotting head of the pig is mounted upon a stick and manifested with flies. It is also siginificies change with the boys.
What does the Lord of the Flies tell Simon? (chapter 8) The lord of the flies tells Simon that they cannot escape him, the beast, for it is inside themselves. They are the beast. It also tells him that ‘he’ is going to have fun, and everyone will kill him.
What reason does Ralph give for the boy’s defection to Jack? (Chapter 9) That he knows he is strong enough to hunt.
What kind of leader is Jack? (Chapter 9) Jack is a dictator. He makes the decisions and expects them to be carried out exactly as he has commanded without discussion, argument or regard to anybody else.
How does Jack propose to rule without the conch? (Chapter 9) Jack rules by imposing punishments on the boys. He controls them through brutal force. The conch is a symbol of civilization. On jack’s side of the island, the conch holds no power. This is symbolic of how Jack and the other savages have lost all sense of civil behavior and have instead turned to savagery.
Why do Ralph and Piggy join the dance? (Chapter 9) Certainly Ralph and Piggy were subjected to the same fears as the other boys.They just wanted to belong
Why is Simon’s dead body carried out to sea in terms of glorification? (Chapter 9) Simon is spiritual and a Christ figure. His death is an allusion to Jesus being sacrificed. The sea is taking his body because he was meant to be a part of nature. Acting as a halo, “the strange attendant creatures, with their fiery eyes and trailing vapors, busied themselves round his head.” (Golding 154)
Why is the title “The Shell and the Glasses” important? (Chapter 10) the conch represents civilization and power whenever the conch sounds the boys immediately runs toward it and respect whoever has it. eventually, power and civilization drops as the boys become less structured and more savage and therefore the conch loses it’s power. the glasses symbolize a key to life and existence
Why does Ralph let Piggy convince him that they were not responsible for Simon’s death? (Chapter 10) When Sam and Eric arrive, they are also reluctant to acknowledge what happened. They speak of the feast, not the murder. With all four of them, part of this reluctance (and lying) is guilt and another part is fear of acknowledging how bad things have gotten: that is, how savage the group has become.
Why is Wilfred Punished? (Chapter 10) Tied up to a tree and beaten, but he is punished for no reason Jack just did it to show his authority.
How does Jack account for the death of Simon? (Chapter 10) Jack simply ignored the fact that they had murdered another boy and dismissed the entire episode as some sort of trick played on them by the beast, which he claimed came in disguise. Jack implied that in some way the beast was immortal and that they could not hope to kill it so they should be on their guard in case it returned.Jack insists to his tribe that they did not kill Simon, and points the guilt instead towards “the beast”.
Why do Ralph and Piggy decide to visit Jack’s camp? (Chapter 11) They think it isn’t right that they stole Piggy’s glasses, and Jack and his tribe should give them back because it’s the right thing to do
What is the reaction of Jack’s tribe to Ralph’s talk of rescue? (Chapter 11) At first, they started laughing at Ralph, then they were all silent and Jack began to shout orders and took Samneric and the twins as prisoners.
What happens when Piggy holds up the conch and tries to talk? (Chapter 11) The tribe booed him, then they all became silent and when Piggy was done talking Roger let the boulder loosed, and it threw Piggy off the cliff and killed him.
Why does Roger shove his way past jack? (Chapter 11) Roger advanced upon them as one wielding a nameless authority” this shows that Roger is becoming the authority over Jack through the violence he displays to everyone.
How does Ralph learn of Jack’s plan for him? (chapter 12) During the evening after the death of Piggy Ralph climbed the side of Castle Rock while Samneric were on guard duty and they informed him of Jack’s plans.
What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? (chapter 12) He tells the twins where he is going to hide and tells them to take jack’s tribe in different direction when they come to find him
Does Ralph understand why he must be killed? (chapter 12) He argued unconvincingly that they would let him alone; perhaps even make an outlaw of him. But then the fatal unreasoning knowledge came to him again. The breaking of the conch and the deaths of Piggy and Simon lay over the island like a vapour. These painted savages would go further and further. Then there was that indefinable connection between himself and Jack; who would never let him alone; never.
What is the irony of Samneric’s behavior? (chapter 12) it is clear that in spirit Samneric were never part of Jack’s tribe. Along with Piggy they were the last of the biguns who remained loyal to Ralph. They were only on guard duty on castle rock because they had ben captured by Jack’s tribe and forced to join it under torture. The next morning it appears that torture was used once more to extract the location of Ralph’s planned hiding place from at least one of the twins.
How does the author describe Ralph’s flight across the island? What is he compared to? (chapter 12) He writes it like a frantic fearful escape, Ralph has become like the pigs, he’s hunted down by the hunters headed by Ralph, he hides in the vines and bushes but in his case, he ultimately is rescued.
What is the irony of the fire? (chapter 12) It is meant to kill Ralph but it ends up saving all of them.
Why is Percival unable to remember his name and address? (chapter 12) He is unable to because it has been so long since he’s had to say it because he’s been living as a savage.
Why is Piggy’s fall emphasized? (chapter 12) Piggys fall is emphasized because it represents the fall of man.
Why does Ralph say that he is in charge on the island? (chapter 12) Ralph tells the naval officer that he is in charge because he was the elected leader of the boys. Jack simply declared himself leader using a combination of bribery and force but Ralph remained the only truly elected leader.
What comparison is implied at the end of the novel? (chapter 12) At the end of chapter 12, after the arrival of the naval officer, Golding uses the reaction of the officer and the behavior of the boys to create a metaphor about the nature of man

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