Lord of flies Chapter 10 study guide

Piggy, Sam and Eric, and some of the littluns Who is left among the boys that remain loyal to Ralph?
They were on the outside of the circle and really did not do it What rationalization do Ralph and Piggy arrive at concerning their role in Simon’s death?
Steal Piggy’s glasses to start a fire What does Jack plan to do in order to enable his followers to have another feast?
He gets to hurt other kids Why is Roger so excited at the prospect of the beating of Willard?
The head What sacrifice to the beast does Jack order?
They are few in number and Piggy will not help with physical labor Why will it be so difficult for Ralph’s group to keep the fire going?
Write a letter How does Ralph suggest Piggy contact his aunt?
Eric, accidentally Who does Ralph fight during the attack?
Knees him between the legs What does Ralph’s attacker do to him during the fight?
Piggy’s glasses What did the attackers steal?

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