Locations in Frankenstein

Russia Location from which letters are written to Margaret Saville: Walton begins his Arctic expedition from here
Geneva Birthplace and home of Frankenstein family; deaths of Caroline, William, Justine, and Alphonse Frankenstein takes place here; Frankenstein first sees the creature in the woods after William’s death
Ingolstadt University in germany discover secrets of life: creates and abandons his monster here: Victor nursed back to health by Clerval
Chamounix Frankenstein wanders to the Valley of Chamounix. Town in the Alps where Frankenstein stays prior to climbing the glacier and the mountains- goes to get away from the strain of life
Montavert Glacier on Mt. Blanc where monster meets Frankenstein: monster tells his story to Frankenstein
Italy Frankenstein family adopts Elizabeth in Milan. DeLacey family is brought to political trouble by Safie’s father. DeLacey goes to exile
Germany Location of DeLacey cottage: monster observes family from hut and learns to speak read and write from the family
England Victor goes there to learn more to build the second monster. Also the location of walking tour Frankenstein and Clerval.
Orkney Islands in Scotland Victor stays in a small hut on one of the small islands. This is where he starts creating, then destroys, his second monster to be a companion for the first monster.
Ireland Frankenstein is washed ashore after destroying the 2nd monster. Clerval is murdered here. Victor reveals the existence of his monster to Kirwin.
Villa Lavenza Elizabeth’s fathers property. Where Victor and Elizabeth go for their honeymoon. Where Elizabeth died.

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