Literary Devices for Romeo and Juliet

Soliloquy speech given by a character to express thoughts/emotions(heard by audience)Ex-Romeo talking to Juliet in Act 2 scene 2″But soft! What…touch that cheek.”
Monalogue speech given by a character and heard by the other surrounding charactersEx- Mercutio giving a rant about Queen Moab”O then I see Queen Moab…This is she.”(Shakespeare, 54-94)
Metaphor comparison of two things without using like or asEx- “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”-(Monalogue Handout)Ex- “Juliet is the sun…” -(Soliloquy Handout)
Simile comparison of two things using like or asEx- “Brightness of her cheek…as daylight doth as a lamp.”(Romeo’s soliloquy)Ex- “My bounts is as boundless as the sea.”(Shankespeare, 133)
Analogy a comparison of two thingsEx- “Love is a smoke made of sighs; being purged…”(Shakespeare, 185)
Personification giving inhumane objects human traitsEx- “…an hour before the worshiped sun peered forth the Golden window of the east…”(Shakespeare, 115)
Foreshadowing clues and hints in text that help show what might happen laterEx- “these violent delights have violent ends”(Shakespeare, 9, 10)
Pun play on the multiple meaning of wordsEx- Mercutio says he’ll be a grave man(line 93-95)
Verbal Irony when someone says the opposite of what it is intendedEx- When Romeo says he loves Tybalt but, he only loves him because Tybalt is related to Juliet..(line 65-69)
Dramatic Irony when audience knows something a character or other characters do not knowEx- the audience and Romeo only know that Romeo is married to Juliet in Act III scene I

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