Lit Lord of the Flies

Maurice along with Roger, mean to the littluns
Warplant used as a disguise and an excuse for being savages
The Beast took on many different personas to the boys
William Golding author
Littluns offering to the Beast, played all day and not much help
symbolism used extensively throughout the story
Paracnute the bulging thing arrived this way
swimming all the boys spent a lot of time doing this
conch used to call everyone to a meeting
Chief Ralph was the elected one
Merridew Jack’s other name
Ralph wanted fire for rescue signal
Asthma Piggy’s physical affliction
authority the conch was a symbol of this
shelter mostly made by just two boys
smoke the real reason they needed fire
Roger rolled the rock that took Piggy’s life
Jack’s quest to kill a pig
Navy officer the rescuer
Head Chorister Jack thought he should be chief bc he was this….
Ship passed them by leaving them stranded
Samneric Ralph over hears them being beaten for hesitating for joining the tribe
choir boys who were volunteered to keep the fire going
Piggy ridiculed even by those who cared for him
plane crash how they ended up on the island
Simon doesn’t believe in the Beast
Jack lusted for meat and the kill
Percival chants his address over and over
foreshadowing the author did this to foretell upcoming events in the story

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