List of Roles in Hamlet

Hamlet Prince of Denmark
Ghost Hamlet’s Father, the late King Hamlet of Denmark
King Claudius of Denmark, brother of the late king
Queen Gertrude Hamlet’s mother and his father’s widowwife of King Claudius
Polonius King Claudius’ councillorFather of Ophelia and PoloniusLord Chamberlain
Laertes Polonius’ sonOphelia’s brotherLeonhardus in “Fratricide Punished”
Ophelia Polonius’ daughterHamlet’s love interestLaertes’ sisterin love with Hamlet
Reynaldo Polonius’ manRaynaldo in FMontano in Q1
Followers of Laertes
Horatio Hamlet’s friend and fellow student
Rosencrantz fellow student”wreath or crown of roses”not acquainted with HoratioLordGood Gentleman
Guildenstern fellow student”golden star”not acquainted with HoratioLordGood Gentleman
Voltemand Danish ambassador to Norway
Cornelius Danish ambassador to NorwayDutch name
Bernardo sentinelHamlet’s friend, scholar, and soldier
Francisco sentinelHamlet’s friend, scholar, and soldier
Osric a courtier”young””a Bragart gentleman”
Players playing Prologue, Player King, Player Queen, and Lucianusfirst player is an “old friend” of Hamlet’s
Gravedigger a clown
Second Man another clownmay not be another gravedigger
Priest Doctor of DivinityChurlish priest
Gentlemen Messengers
Fortinbras Prince of Norwayson of old Fortinbras, former King of Norwaynephew of present King of Norwaymeans “strong in arms”
Captain in Norwegian armyMahood
Ambassadors from England
Norwegian Soldiers
Marcellus OfficerHamlet’s friend, scholar, and soldier