Lemus’s Romeo and Juliet Review

Analogy Friar Lawrence: herbs: plants: mixture of good and evil
Paradox a statement whose two parts seem contradictory yet make sense with more thought. ” she speaks, yet says nothing.”
Anaphora repetition of a word or words at the beginning of two or more succesive verses, clauses, or sentences. “Too rash, too sudden; Too like the lightning.”
Apostrophe Figure of speach in which someone absent or dead or something nonhuman is addressed as if it were alive and present and was able to reply. ” Romeo, Romeo, wherefort art thou Romeo?”
Rosaline Never seen on stage
Nurse Talkative
Mercutio Light hearted actions and speeches
Juliet Changes 1. disagrees with parents2. gains courage and maturity to fight for her love3. falls more in love with Romeo
Shakespeare Info * Lived During Elizabeth Era* Part of theatrical company: “The King’s Men”
Globe Theater * 3 story, open air construction* extended stage with trap door* Shaped like an “O”* Nickname “Wooden O”
Capulets * Juliet* Nurse* Tybalt* Lady Capulet* Lord Capulet
Montagues * Romeo * Mercutio* Benvolio * Lady Montague* Lord Montague
Other Characters – unrelated * Paris – cousin to prince* Prince of verona* Friar Lawrence* Chorus* Rosaline
Sonnet 14 line poem
Pun play on words
Foil Character who acts on contrast to another character. * Romeo —- Mercutio * Juliet ——- Nurse
Aside Short speech delivered by one character to another or to the audience with the other characters being able to hear
5 Number of feet in Iambic Pentameter
Ex Pun Sampson: I mean, and we be in anger. Well draw Gregory: Ay, while u live, draw your neck out of collar.
Tries to keep peace Benvolio: “Part, fools!Put up your swords. You know not what you do.”
Ex Allusion ” But all so soon as the all cheering sunShould in the farthest East begin to drawThe shady curtains from Aurora’s bed.” ” Well, in that hit you miss. She’ll not be hit with cupids arrow. She hath Dians wit,”
Oxymorons “O brawling love, O loving hate.” “Heavy lightness, serious vanity”
Ex Paradox “Still – waking sleep, that is not what it is!””Tut! I have lost myself; I am not here;”
Agreements for Paris to marry Juliet 1. has to “woo” her 2. waits 2 years

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