Lady Macbeth quotes and analysis

“A little water will clear us of this deed” Act 2 scene 2 Her calm over look after the murder shows power and manipulation over therre relationship. Forshadows her madness driven by the guilt – where she cant wash off the blood from her hands. Contrasts to macbethes belibes of tje water clearing them “great neptunes oceans”
“Unsex me here” Act 1 scene 5 Continued motif of disorder. And theme of her manipulation over Macbeth. Declarative shows she’s decisive. Twist on the stereotypical women of the Shakespearean era. Shows his lack of masculinity through her overpowering confidence.
“Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under’t” Metaphor shows motif of betrayal from lady Macbeth towards Macbeth. She is Mis leading and twisted. Makes out as her tragic hero?
“When u durst do it, then you were a man” Act 1 scene 7 Relationship role reversal. Goes against stereotypes. As she questions his masculinity showing clear manipulation. Shows lady Macbeth’s confidence and Macbeth’s lacking. (Macbeth’s cowardice)
“Out dammed spot! Out I say!” Act 5 scene 1 Imperative “out I say” shows destress, her aggression as she has a sudden lack of authority and expresses her want for order. Exclamatory sentences show shock driver her madness. Actors expectation to perform with confidence but to express concern as there’s a sudden change in her character.

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