lady macbeth daughter ch 21-29

When Colum asks Albia how they will announce their identities to the rebellion, how does Albia respond? She says that she will say she is Banquo’s daughter and it will be true because he thought of her as such.
What is Angus’ tone when he responds to Albia’s request to join the rebellion? mocking
What is Albia’s idea for the plan of attacking Macbeth? hide in branches and slowly move up to Dunsinane Hill and surprise king so they can take the tower.
When Angus tells Albia that the king will see the forest move if they follow her plan, what does she say? He will not see the forest move because he does not believe it is possible.
Who does Albia see watching her? Describe the person. Luoch – straight dark hair and serious dark eyes
What has never happened at Dunsinane? no king has ever been defeated there
How would Grelach prefer to die? in her sleep
What does Grelach do throughout her conversation with Luoch involving the murder? rubs her hands until her knuckles stick out and Luoch says “They will never be clean.”
Why does Luoch leave his mother? he says she is past any hope and although he may be her future, she is not his future.
When Grelach tells Rhuven to leave, how does Rhuven respond? She refuses to leave saying that Grelach is more dear to her than her own sisters.
What does Grelach want Rhuven to do if they are attacked to point of sure defeat? kill her quickly and with a sure hand
Albia has a vision of Banquo as king. Describe the vision. She sees his face and then he gives her a mirror. When she looks in the mirror, it reveals the face of Fleance.
Why can’t Albia leave when she awakes from her vision? Why weren’t her hands tied? Luoch tied her feet to the tree. Her hands were not tied because Luouch could not use the girdle to restrain her. Only Fleance could use it to protect her. Her hands were free on their own accord.
When Albia tells Luoch that she is his sister, what does he think? He asks her if she is also ambitious for the throne
What does Grelach fear about the rebels? She knows Macbeth will find out that Luoch and Grelach’s father are among the rebels and he will kill her immediately. She does not care much about losing life but she wants to be the one to determine its end.
When Macbeth speaks with a sorrowful tone about his lack of love or friends, why doesn’t Grelach comfort him? She says he deserves any kind of pain he has and she can barely stand to touch him at all.
When Albia and Luoch arrive to the battle, what do they see? They do not know who is fighting for which side or where to jump in!
How does Macbeth react to Albia over him with a sword? He tells her that he has wronged her and deserves to die.
Who kills King Macbeth? Macduff
Who believes they have the right to the throne? Luouch and Malcolm. Fleance has the idea in his head.
What happens when the queen hears of Macbeth’s death? She attempts to take her own life for lack of reason to live as well as sure attack on the tower. However, Rhuven stops her and tells her the truth about her living daughter. Grelach years for Albia’s forgiveness.
When Malcolm rides up to Albia with Fleance, what happens? Why is Albia shocked? Malcolm has Albia restrained and she asks Fleance to vouch for her identity. However, Fleance never knew she was Macbeth’s daughter so he is in shock and does not help her.
Who tries to marry Albia and why? Malcolm – strengthen right to throne with her who has bloodline of previous king. Fleance – to become king and because he loves her.
What happens after Albia leaves the cell? Where does she go? Why? Who is there? SHe goes to Pitdarroch to clear her head and find peace. She is beside her mother’s grave and meets Rhuven and Grelach.

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