LA Romeo and Juliet

Who is the voice of reason? How do you know? The Prince; he tells them to quit disturbing the peace, he doesn’t pick sides, and he has the authority to stop the battling.
Which characters speak in verse (poetry)? Which characters speak in prose (paragraphs)? Why does shakespeare make this distinction? The important characters speak in poetry (verse). Shakespeare makes this distinction to show us which characters are the noble ones.
How does Romeo describe Rosaline in the first act? Romeo describes her as a beauty he cannot forget, but also as someone who does not love him back which makes him devastated.
(Act 2) do Romeo’s friends know that he has fallen in love with Juliet? How do you know? No, because Mercutio teases Romeo about Rosaline later on in the scene, and Juliet’s name is never mentioned in their conversation.
According to Romeo, why is the moon sick and pale with grief? The moon is jealous of Juliet’s beauty.
How do Romeo and Juliet feel about their respective names? They feel that their respective names shouldn’t mean anything, because the names mean that the two cannot be together.
Who is more impulsive, Romeo or Juliet? Romeo is more impulsive.
Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear his love by the moon? The moon is inconsistent (always changing).
Who brings up the idea of marriage? Romeo brings up the idea of marriage.
What does friar Lawrence mean when he says “young men’s love then lies/ not truly in their hearts but in their eyes.”? Friar Lawrence thinks that young men base their love off of looks but not personality, therefore their love is not true.
Why does friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Friar Lawrence hopes that their marriage will end the feud.
What advice does the friar give Romeo about his love? Does Romeo seem likely to take his friends advice? Why? Friar tells Romeo to take it slow, but Romeo does not seem likely to take his friends advice because Romeo makes quick and rash decisions about love.
What do we learn about Tybalts personality? That he likes to battle and is very good at it.
Why does Romeo not tell his friends about Juliet? Because he is very serious about loving her and does not want to be teased, and he doesn’t want his parents to find out.
How does Mercutio insult the nurse? He says that the fan is prettier than her.
Is the nurse upset by what Mercutio says? A little bit, at first she ignores him then she asks what kind of man he is.
What task does Romeo give the nurse? To inform Juliet that they will be wed at friar Lawrence’s cell.
How does the nurse seem to feel about Juliets marriage? She seems happy for Juliet.
How soon after meeting one another have Romeo and Juliet married? Less than one day.
Did Romeo and Juliet make a good decision? What problems might result? They did not make a good decision, problems that could result include not liking your new spouses personality/habits/interests.
(Act 3) at first, who does Juliet think is dead? Who is actually dead? Juliet thinks Romeo is dead. Tybalt is the one who is dead.
What does Juliet think about this? At first she thinks Romeo is a horrible person hidden by a beautiful face.
What is the nurses opinion of men in general? She thinks that they are a waste of time.
Once the shock is over what does Juliet realize? That if Romeo did not kill Tybalt, then Romeo would’ve been killed by Tybalt.
What one word is more awful than Juliet’s whole family being killed? Banishment.
In light of what has happened, what does Juliet plan to do? Meet up with Romeo
What symbol of love does Juliet send Romeo? A ring.
Where is romeo hiding? Friar Lawrence’s cell.
Would Romeo prefer death or exile? Death, he thinks banishnet is the worst.
What effect does Romeo’s opinion on banishment have on friar Lawrence? The friar is annoyed and tells Romeo to be thankful.
What does the nurse tell Romeo? That Juliet wants to see him and that she forgives him.
What does friar Lawrence tell Romeo to do about the banishment? He tells Romeo to be happy about banishment, then he tells Romeo to leave town, wait, then come back once the banishment gets repealed.
(Act 4) is there anything actually wrong with Paris? Does it seem as though he would be a good husband? Nothing is wrong with him, he is a little demanding and clingy though. He seems like a good husband.
What does Paris try to get Juliet to say that she refuses to say? That she loves him and wants to marry him.
What solution to the problem does the friar offer to Juliet? A potion that makes her appear to be dead.
Is Juliet fearful of taking the potion? She worries that the potion will not work properly.
How does Juliet please Capulet in scene two? She tells him that she wants to marry Paris.
What does Capulet’s reaction to Juliet’s apology tell you about him? His happiness to Juliet’s apology tells readers that Capulet likes when things go his way.
How does Juliet got her mother and the nurse out of her room? She tells them that she wants to be alone to pray so that she has a good day tomorrow.
If the potion does not work what will Juliet do? She will stab herself.
Does Juliet ever doubt that Romeo will come for her? No.
Who discovers Juliet’s body? The nurse.
Does Capulet blame himself for her death? No.
Does friar Lawrence comfort the mourners? No.
Was friar Lawrence correct when he said the heavens were punishing the Capulet’s? Yes.
What is Romeos mood before he receives the news about Juliet? He is happy.
What happens in this scene that friar Lawrence didn’t consider? Romeo heard the wrong news, and now he thinks Juliet is actually dead.
Is that an example of coincidence? Yes.
Does Paris love Juliet? How do you know? Paris does love Juliet, because he wanted to marry her and now that she’s dead he wants to be buried next to her.
What is Paris’ dying wish? Does Romeo respect it? Paris’ dying wish is to be buried next to Juliet, Romeo does respect it.
Although it is illegal to sell poison in Mantua, Romeo is able to convince the apothecary to make the sale. Why? Because the apothecary is very poor and hungry, so Romeo bribed him with gold.
Why does Romeo call the poison a cordial? Because it will give him the opportunity to be with Juliet again.
What could have happened to prevent Romeo from committing suicide? Friar Lawrence could have arrived earlier or Romeo could’ve decided not to go through with the suicide if Juliet had woken up a little sooner.
Does the feud between the Capulets and the Montague’s come to an end?? The feud between the two families appears to come to an end.
Explain the final words spoken by the prince. The prince is saying that it took a long time and that lots of unnecessary sacrifices happened. Basically, it didn’t have to end like that, and that some people will be blamed and punished.
(Definitions) define metaphor. A comparison made between two seemingly unlike objects.
Define simile. A comparison between two unlike objects using the words like or as in the comparison.
Define personification. Giving human attributes to nonhuman objects.
Define hyperbole. An exaggeration made for humor or emphasis.
Define aside. A characters lines that are spoken directly to the audience.
Define dialogue. Conversation between two or more characters.
Define monologue. A long speech spoken by a character to himself, another character, or to the audience.
Define soliloquy. Thought spoken aloud by a character when he/she is alone, or things he/she is alone.
Define verbal irony. When a speaker or writer says one thing that actually means the opposite (example: sarcasm)
Define situational irony. When the outcome of a situation is inconsistent with what we expect would logically or normally occur.
Define dramatic irony. When the audience or the reader is aware of something that a character does not know.
Define pun. A play on words, especially those that sound alike, but have different meanings.
Define internal conflict. When a character faces a major decision or a physical or emotional struggle with his own morals, ethics, or conscience.
Define external conflict. When a character struggles against either another character, a force such as whether or nature, or some aspect of society.
Define direct characterization. When the author or narrator directly tells the reader what the character is like.
Define indirect characterization. When the author gives information about a character and allows the reader to draw his or her own conclusions about that character.

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