Kinnison Romeo and Juliet Questions

How does Romeo attitude change during the course of the act. He changes from being depressed about Caroline during the beginning to becoming cautiously hopeful about Juliet
What possible threats does Romeo and Juliet love face Tybalt is a threat
Why does Juliet cry out in Scene ii” o Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo She wants to know why is Romeo a Montague.
Doubts and fears Juliet express She fears for his life and doesn’t believe in first sight.. She is doubtful
Weakness does Friar Lawrence point out about Romeo Romeo is very fickle( changes his mind) and unsteady
Why does friar Lawrence Marries Romeo and Juliet He thinks it will end the feud.
What are three things Friar Lawrence say Romeo is fortunate He is alive , Juliet is alive and he is not executed but banished
Juliet’s reaction to marrying Paris She is definitive and explosive
Nurse advice to Juliet and Juliet’s reaction Nurse says Juliet should go ahead and marry Paris b/c Romeo is banished and Juliet rejects her advice
What is Friar Lawrence plan for Juliet Give Juliet potion and she drinks and everyone thinks she is dead and bury her and get a hold of Romeo and friar and Romeo will go get her.
Juliet’s three specific fears about the plan Potion does not work, what if the potion kills her, what if she wakes up in the tomb and Romeo is not there
Why is Romeo happy and expecting happy news at the beginning of ACT V he had a happy dream
Why does the friar go get Juliet from her tomb Because they can’t get a hold of Romeo and wait until Romeo is found
Why does Romeo and Paris fight Paris thinks Romeo will vandalize the tomb
How does Romeo and Juliet die Romeo drinks the poison he buys because he see Juliet dead. Juliet’s stabs herself with Romeo dagger

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