King Lear quotes

Act 1 Scene 1 – Lear ” we shall express our darker purpose”” which if you shall we say doth love us most?”” unburdened crawl toward death”
Act 1 scene 1 – Cordelia ” what shall Cordelia speak? Love and be silent”
Act 1 scene 1 – Kent ” see better Lear”
Act 1 scene 2 – Edmund ” our fathers love is to the bastard Edmund as to the legitimate” ” when my dimensions are as well compact, my mind as generous and my shape as true”
Act 1 scene 2 – Gloucester ” lets see, let’s see”
Act 1 scene 3/4 – Goneril ” old fools are babes again”
Act 1 scene 3/4 – Lear ” dry up in her the organs of increase and from her derogate body never spring a babe to honour her”” how sharper than a serpents tooth it is to have a thankless child”
Act 1 scene 3/4 – Oswald ” my lady’s father”
Act 3 scene 2 – Lear ” a poor, infirm, weak and despised old man”” I am a man more sinned against that sinning”
Act 3 scene 2 – Fool ” this is a night pities neither wise men nor fools”
Act 3 scene 3/4 – Fool ” this cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen”
Act 3 scene 3/4 – Lear ” nothing could have subdued nature to such a lowness but his unkind daughters”
Act 4 scene 1 – Gloucester ” I have no way, therefore want no eyes: I stumbled when I saw”” there’s a cliff… bring me to the very brim of it, I’ll repair the misery thou dost bear”
Act 4 scene 7 – Lear ” I’m a very foolish fond old man”” you do me wrong to take me out o’the grave… that mine own tears”
Act 4 scene 7 – Kent ” in your own kingdom sir”