King Lear people and places

King Lear aging king of Britain, values are hallow, wants to maintain the power of king but be unburdened by the responsibilities, inspires loyalty
Cordelia Lear’s youngest daughter, disowned for refusing to say how much she loves Lear, remains loyal to Lear despite his cruelty to her,
Goneril Lear’s ruthless older daughter, wife of duke of Albany, amoral/ treacherous, challenges Lear’s authority, initiates an affair with Edmund, wrests military power away from her husband
Regan Lear’s middle daughter, wife of the duke of Cornwall, also ruthless/ aggressive, also tries to compete for Edmund, as bad as a person as her sister
Gloucester nobleman loyal to Lear, adulterer with a bastard son (Edmund), trust the wrong son, unable to prevent Lear from being turned out of his own house, later demonstrates great bravery
Edgar Gloucester’s older/ legit son, plays different roles= fool then mad beggar, armored champion to avenge his brother’s treason
Edmund Gloucester’s younger illigit son, resents his status as bastard, wants to take all of Glouster’s and Edgar’s possessions, imparts destruction on all the characters
Kent nobleman, loyal to Lear, disguised as a peasant = calls himself Caius
Misc. Duke of ALBANY- husband to Lear’s daughter Goneril, good at heart and rejects Goneral, Regan, Cornwall but is too late to see their flaws. Duke of CORNWALL- husband to Regan, cruel/ violent, works to persecute Lear/ Gloucester. FOOL- Lear’s jester.Oswald- chief servant, helps his mistress in her conspiracies
places Ancient, pre-christian Britain