King Lear Characters and Quotes

Gloucester old earl who misjudges his sons
Cornwall hot tempered brutal duke
Albany Goneril’s moral spourse
Edmund scheming bastard son
Regan woman poisoned by her rival
Kent loyal earl disguised as a commoner
Goneril women who plots her husband’s death
Cordelia “last and least” of Lear’s daughters
Edgar heir disguised as madman Tom
Lear old man who foolishly gives up her power
Edgar restored to inheritance
Lear dies of grief
Cornwall stabbed by a servant
Cordelia hanged in prison
Goneril commits suicide
fool fate unknown
Edmund slain by Edgar
Regan is poisoned
Edmund “Let me not by birth, have lands by wit; / all with me’s meet that I can fashion fit”
Gloucester “as flies to wanton boys, we are to th’ gods; / they will kill us for their sport”
Regan “Jesters do oft prove prophets”
Goneril “To thee a woman’s services are due: / my fool usurps my body”
Cordelia “O you kind gods, / cure this great breach in his abused nature! / th’untuned and jarring sense, O, wind up/ Of this child-changed father”
Lear “I am a man more sinned against than sinning”
Edgar “an worse I may be yet; the worst is not / so long as we can say, ‘this is the worst'”
Regan “My lord is dead; Edmund and I have talked/ and more convenient is he for my hand / than for your lady’s”
fool “I am better than thou art now; I am a Fool, thou art nothing”
Kent “Thinks’t thou that duty shall have dread to speak / when power to flattery bows?”