King Lear Act 2 Quotes

Act 2, Scene 1: “Some blood drawn on me beget opinion of my more fierce endeavor.” Edmund (This happens when Edmund tricks Edgar to leave and persuades Gloucester that Edgar stabbed him.)
Act 2, Scene 1: ” For you, Edmund, whose virtue and obedience doth this instant so much commend itself, you shall be ours. Nature of such deep trust we shall much need. You we first seize on.” Cornwall (After Edgar was framed by Edmund, Cornwall and Reagan enter. Edmund used this opportunity to continue to defame Edgar. Cornwall is praising Edmund for his obedience and virtue and saying that he shall hunt down Edgar.)
Act 2, scene 2: “Let me beseech your Grace not to do so. His fault is much, and the good king his mast will check him for’t. Your purposed low correction is such as basest and contemned’st wretches for pilf’rings and most common trespasses are punished with” Gloucester (Cornwall and Reagan decided to put Kent in the stocks. Gloucester is saying that it is unwise for them to disrespect the king by punishing his servant since Kent is not Cornwall or Reagan’s.)
Act 2, scene 4: Fathers that wear rags do make their children blind, but fathers that bear bags shall see their children kind.” Fool (Lear found Kent in the stocks and became enraged. The fact that Reagan and Cornwall would not leave the house also angered him. The fool then said this quote to say how being poor will make your daughters ignore you, while being rich can make your daughters suck up.)
Act 2, scene 4: “Let go thy hold when a great wheel runs down a hill lest it break thy neck with following” Fool (The fool is telling Lear why his knights deserted him. This line is the part that discusses how Lear is the wheel and is destroying himself and everything attached.)
Act 2, scene 4: “Thou better know’st the offices of nature, bond of childhood, effects of courtesy, dues of gratitude. Thy half o’th’kingdom hast thou not forgot, wherein I thee endowed” Lear (Lear is trying to tell Reagan that she is supposed to love him and that her power and authority came from him.”
Act 2, Scene 4: ” We’ll no more meet, no more see one another. But yet thou art my flesh, my blood, my daughter, or, rather, a disease that’s in my flesh, which I must needs call mine. Thou art a boil, a plague-sore or embossed carbuncle in my corrupted blood.” Lear (Reagan just told Lear to dismiss half of his knights, and Lear did not react well to that expression of dishonor.)
Act 2, scene 4: “You think I’ll weep. No, I’ll not week. I have full cause of weeping, but this heart shall break into a hundred thousand flaws or ere I’ll weep.” Lear (Reagan just said that Lear doesn’t even need one servant. Lear reacted by saying how he wouldn’t cry; he could go mad but not cry. This seems to be Lear asserting some form of manliness or honor.)
Act 2, scene 4: “O sir, to willful mean the injuries that they themselves procure must be their school masters. Shut up your doors” Reagan (This is an announcement to the people to not allow Lear in. This essentially forces Lear to face the storm on his own without cover or protection.)

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